What’s Happening in Hollywood After the Pandemic?

It’s easy to think of somewhere like Hollywood more as an idea than an actual place. It’s cultural output has far reaches around the world, from the newest blockbuster movies to the classics that seem to age better on each rewatch. But what have things been like in the actual geographic place of Hollywood? What might be worth keeping in mind as one plans a visit or thinks about their next big move as they start to browse Los Angeles apartments all in a world where we are still very much still dealing with a pandemic.

A New Normal

The pandemic has changed the world around us, and for many there’s no going back to what life was like beforehand. While it drastically varies by industry and position, a much larger percentage of American workers are now doing so from home and many hope to continue their new work-from-home lifestyle.

It’s easy to quickly imagine what kind of jobs are now being done from home in numbers that wouldn’t have been imaginable if something like COVID-19 never happened. Instantly, tech jobs, writing jobs, and finance jobs come to mind as examples of now work-from-home careers but surprisingly even some car salesmen now have the option to work from home.

 But what does this mean for Hollywood and all the work that goes into creating the products (movies, the next Netflix hit show, etc) that we all love? After facing a year of halted and delayed productions, things are finally getting back on track within our new normal. This is great for us, as the viewers of completed projects, to find our new favorite entertainment, and even better for all the employees’ whose work went into making those blockbusters we love.

Staying Safe

As many of us, directly or maybe indirectly through a loved one, recently faced uncertainty in terms of job security as a result of the pandemic, Hollywood was no different. Thankfully, they’ve adapted as well. We’ve all learned how much can be done within a Zoom call and how proper masking and social distancing allows for added safety and comfort in any workplace.


Just as important are vaccinations which are likely requirements on most, if not all, film sets. That is the greatest way for productions to start or resume, and to be able to ensure their work can be continued. Vaccination protocols have shown to be largely effective. Unfortunately, they do add cost to a production but a small price to pay to ensure the safety of everyone involved in a film’s production.

It’s entirely possible what goes into making Hollywood movies has forever changed as a result of the pandemic but thankfully, their greatest exports will continue to bring joy to those around the world.

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