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Home insulation is not a great DIY idea. Here are the motives.


Old or new, all homes must be insulated in order to have a great energy efficient level. This translates not only in lower energy bills, but also in increased levels of comfort and a safer living environment. You might want to know that houses that are not insulated have the potential to develop mould, due to water infiltrations. Although this might seem a problem not worth your attention, it has the capacity to cause severe respiratory issues. Regarding services specialised in spray foam insulation in Toronto, there are a couple of prominent companies. Considering the fact that the weather conditions across Canada are oftentimes on the colder spectrum, these companies might be the best advisers in terms of insulation. Many claim that spray foam insulation is fairly simple to apply, making a great DIY project. And although some insulation materials are available on the market, experts advise us to avoid such projects. Below are a couple of motives for avoiding them.

Consider your and your helper’s safety

Given the fact that you also have to insulate less accessible spaces, such as your attic and various other narrow spaces, most of the times, these spaces are fragile and unstable, being unable to support an grown up’s weight. Ceiling materials are not the sturdiest materials, which makes them inappropriate to work safely on. Plywood, which is oftentimes used as an attic floor instead of wood, might seem sturdy enough to support your load. It might be, but not for prolonged periods. Staying too long on the same spot or making a wrong move might cause you to fall and make an unplanned trip to the emergency room. Falling from such a height might affect you seriously and if you have the possibility to avoid such scenarios, it would be the best to do so. Furthermore, if not wearing proper equipment for applying your insulation, be it spray foam insulation, fiberglass or batts, they can affect your health, as well as your comfort levels when performing the job. Also, the compounds found in several types of insulation require for the home to be vacated for at least 24h from installation. Installing such products yourself might be more dangerous than you would expect.

Consider the necessary tools

You might be a handy man and might do the jobs quite right. Also, you might have some tools yourself, but chances are you completely lack those you need to install the insulation alone. Although you might have dealt with insulating around the window frames, or doorframes, your entire house will most certainly be difficult to deal with.  Also, considering the fact that you have to reach quite high points and you lack safety equipment, it is advisable not to proceed to install it yourself. Besides the tools you most probably lack, there is a chance for your project to be delayed due to your lack of experience and skill. Hire a professional, instead, and they will make sure you accomplish your goal to insulate your home efficiently, effective and fast.

Consider the quality of the final product

Properly installed insulation is the only way of having what you aimed for. Smaller energy bills, a comfortable environment, and a safe one as well. Most probably, you lack the skill to handle the process professionally enough to have them all. Excellent installation services can be accomplished only by working with a reputable company that has highly trained teams. Also, not only you will have your insulation installed properly, but the entire process will be shorter and faster. Furthermore, oftentimes there are no options available in terms of materials that allow owners to insulate their homes alone. Take re-insulating an attic with spray foam, for example. You won’t be able to find a product that is appropriate for this kind of task. By using improper products, you will compromise your home’s energy efficient levels, and this defeats the purpose of having insulation installed.

Make sure you take in consideration all these aspects before deciding to install insulation all by yourself. Most likely, you won’t be able to do this professionally all by yourself, and this is an area of home improvement where you cannot afford to compromise. It all resumes to costs, safety, proper tolls, and the necessary knowledge and skill in order to do such a job like a professional. There are no doubts you should let professionals handle such a process.

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