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How to Build a Good Career Reputation

Most people like to have a goal in life, a purpose that gives their lives meaning and makes them useful in society. For the majority of people, this means building a career, and having a job that helps improve things in one way or another; but being good at what you do isn’t enough to get noticed and become respected and appreciated for your work. For that, you need a good career reputation; and in today’s world, when thanks to the internet and other technological innovations the competition has become globalized, we have to struggle even more to achieve what we’ve proposed.

Nevertheless, the same thing that creates obstacles can become an ally, and you have to learn how to use the internet’s tools in order to build up your reputation and protect your career. For people such as doctors, lawyers, teachers or even businessmen, reputation is everything, and it is what makes your customers come back again and again. But controlling information about us is also more difficult nowadays, because all our personal details can be found online, especially if we deal with social media and personal websites in order to promote our services.

There is a lot of work to building a good career reputation, but as far as the internet is concerned, you can use various tools that allow you to have some control over the information that is spread about you. Some such tools can be found on, and the services offered here give you the opportunity to manage business reviews, to protect your and your family’s privacy, and any other personal data you wouldn’t want to make public.

Although privacy becomes relative when you’ve got a reputation, and are therefore more or less a public figure, it is still important to know what to share with others and what is only intimate. For example, networking and meeting new people, especially in your line of business, is vital for career building. You have to create strong professional bonds with others, you have to be reliable and keep your word, you have to work efficiently and inspire trust, and you have to show initiative. All these things turn you into a professional no matter what kind of work you do, and together they help create a reputation that everyone admires and respects. Knowing how to deal with people is another vital factor, and it is part of your network building; politeness and diplomacy must always be in the back of your mind but, most importantly, doing a good job and never letting down your coworkers, business partners or customers.

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