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How to correctly handle a slip and fall accident

Being involved in a slip and fall incident isn’t pleasant, but the process that follows this event can become even more overwhelming than the accident itself, at least if the injuries aren’t extremely serious ones. When the fall was caused by outside factors, and you aren’t the one to blame, you are entitled to financial compensation from your insurer, but the entire process of making a claim and actually accessing the desired outcomes can be lengthy and challenging. To make sure you are handling things by the book and will benefit from the financial compensation desired for your accident, there are a few necessary steps that need to be taken on the matter. Here’s what you are advised to do shortly after the accident: 

Seek medical attention

First things first, call an ambulance of request immediate medical attention. Even if you may feel fine at first, an injury might still have occurred, without you being able to spot any momentary pain. Being seen by a medical specialist who can document your state will also be essential when you are filing for compensation. Your health and well-being should be a priority, so this is something that should be done immediately. If you are unable to call an ambulance yourself, ask someone around to do it for you.  

Report the incident and document everything

Whether the accident has occurred on the sidewalk, in a store or in someone’s house, you should report the situation to someone who is in charge (owner, landlord, manager and so on). The person whom you will be reporting should also make a written statement of the accident, which may be requested by the insurer later on. You are also advised to document every single detail of the incident. Collect the contact info of eyewitnesses (you may need their statement as proof of your claim), so you can easily reach out to them when or if the need arises. Another thing you could do is take photographs of the surroundings. If the factor that has triggered your fall is visible, such as an icy patch or perhaps unsafe stairs, it will become easier to prove that the slip was caused by an outside factor and wasn’t your own fault. Remember the date and time, and if the injury has caused damage to your clothes and shoes, these can also help your case, so keep them as they are.

Collaborate with a lawyer

Working with a legal professional can be key when you are pursuing a legal claim. Because you probably don’t know much about the legal procedures involved, overlooking an important detail can easily happen, and you may face the unpleasant situation of having your claim denied. Find yourself a good Miami slip and fall lawyer who can help you handle the process by the book. Look for someone who is experienced with exactly these types of cases, find out a few things about their reputation and make sure they are pleasant to work with (you should collaborate with a specialist you feel comfortable working with). Request info about their billing system as well, to avoid being overcharged.

Keep track of expenses

Because the majority of insurance companies will in fact try to keep the amount provided to minimum, keeping clear track of your expenses will make a difference. Any expense that can be linked to your slip and fall accident, medical bills included, should be financially covered by your insurance company, and the more viable proof you have, the higher your odds of actually being reimbursed. Keep a tab on everything you spend during this period. 

Have expectations realistic

Last but not least, it’s important to avoid getting greedy and expect more than you may actually be entitled to. Each insurance company has their own policy on these sorts of claims, and the amount you might have expected might not be reachable. If you will try to exaggerate your injury, and make an unreasonable request, you might end up dealing with more inconveniences. However, if you feel like the insurance company isn’t doing you justice, and your lawyer agrees that the settlement isn’t one that covers your expenses, you can consider the possibility of taking your case to court. Discuss with your lawyer and reach a conclusion together on whether going to court is a wise choice not, they will be able to advise you on the matter.

Dealing with a slip and fall accident is certainly something you would have wanted to avoid, but when the situation occurs, you need to be prepared to follow the right course of action in order to access the remuneration you are entitled to. Making a claim can be quite daunting, considering how attentive the majority of insurance companies are to every detail. To be certain that your claim benefit from the desired response, keep these few tips in mind.

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