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How to Create Your Own Night Garden

Did you know about night gardens? Yes, night gardens also exist. A night garden is a garden designed to enchant us even when the sun goes down and the air is cool.

Our modern lifestyles may lead to busy days, when we are able to savor our garden only in the early morning or in the evening. Our gardens can be a magical place when the night comes, a place where we can forget about all the stress throughout the day and relax. To design our own magical night garden we just need to think a little about the plants we use for our garden, where we plant them and how we make use of the garden lighting. There are three main ways of achieving our own wonderful and magical night garden: the use of the colors, the scents and the lighting.

In terms of color, you need to remember that white flowers have an amazing glow in the evening. As opposed to the colors red, orange and yellow, which lose their intensity when there is not enough light, (such as in the evening and at night) white flowers reflect any light they receive, thus appearing brighter. Other great colors that you can use in your night garden are: pale blue, lilac. Examples of plants with flowers of such colors are: Sea Holly and Eryngium. For a special evening glow you can also try plants that have bright foliage. Plants with silver, light colored leaves reflect any light you offer them, it does not matter if it natural or artificial, while plants that have dark colored foliage absorb light. Brunnera macrophylla “Jack Frost” is a good example of perennial plant with large, silver leaves that are shapes as hearts. This plant has small blue flowers in spring.

Scent is another key element used for the achieving of a magical night garden. The heat that was trapped during the day in the walls and pathways will help to diffuse the scent emanating from the flowers that, during night, are pollinated by the flying insects. These scented plants that emanate their smell especially or only during the evening or night are of white of pale colors, which enhances, as well, their visibility when the sun goes down. Lily “Casa Blanca”, one of the flowers in this category, is a highly scented type of lily with sparkling white flowers. This is also one of the largest Oriental lilies you can plant.

The last important element is the garden lighting. Besides planting the right colored and scented plants in the right places, you also need to ensure a good lighting that will emphasis the beauty of the plants. Uplights will display the plants wonderfully during the night, and another there are also lights on the ground that you can use to showcase plants of small sizes.

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