How to Deal With Monster Pets

Most of the people opt for normal animals when it comes to choosing a pet. Depending on their preferences, they can choose between cats, dogs, fish or hamsters. However, not all the animals are normal. There are some special animals that could impress anyone with their strange characteristics. Therefore, some of them are considered monster pets.

Although the most common pets are cats and dogs, there are people who opt for unique specimens to keep them company. One of the most extraordinary animals that was ever found is the two headed turtle which has a unique look that differentiate him by any other turtle. The amazing specimen was found in Florida when he was rescued by a man after an adult female turtle was killed in a car accident.

When the turtle started to look like he had health problems, the man took it to an animal rescue center where the reptile recovered from his problems and started to feel better. However, people who take care of him as their own pet had to take proper measures in order to keep him safe. Feeding each head by hand is a necessity because otherwise they fight over food.

One of the persons who had to learn how to deal with monster pets was a man who decided to adopt a baby hippo that was brought by a flood to his lawn. The animal was dying, so he had to nurse her back to health. Furthermore, the female survived and managed to put on weight. That is how she got to weight 3/4 of a ton.

Her owners refused to take her back in the wild because they feared she will be attacked and killed by other hippos. So, they take good care of their pet by feeding her and allowing her to swim and play with the others pets of the family. She gets daily massages that help her relax after an active and busy day.

One of the most impressive monster pets in the world was giant George which was a 43-inch-tall dog. He lived in Tucson, Arizona with his adoptive family and he used to sleep with his owners. However, as he got bigger and bigger he received his own enormous mattress where he could sleep like a king. This amazing specimen has his own book which describes the way that life was with the world’s biggest dog. Before he died he held two world records for the tallest living dog and the tallest dog ever.

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