How to get FIFA coins fast – advice from the experts

FIFA Ultimate Team, or more commonly known by season regulars as FUT, is one of the most popular games produced by EA. It is a football simulator game, in which you create your own team and play against other people. However, in order to build a strong team and be the best FIFA player, you also need coins. These FIFA coins, as the name suggests, are the currency used for buying players, packs and other consumables. If you are interested to find out how you can get FIFA Ultimate Team coins fast, read the rest of the article too.

The basics

It is important to remember that trading is mostly based on buying slow and selling high. The most important thing players have to keep in mind is that they have to look for the cheap cards and buy them the moment they find them in order to sell them further on a bigger price. When selling a football player in the game, you should place a realistic sale price, because if it is too high, it might happen for no one to buy that player from you. It is worth mentioning that FUTers have to pay an EA tax of 5% the moment they sell something. The reason why this happens is that this way EA stops inflation on players’ price and also removes coins from the game to regulate it.

Non-trading methods

Most FUTers who play the game for the first time feel reticent when it comes to trading. One great non-trading method to get more coins is actually to play matches. Bonus tip: you should use those coin boosts from the catalogue that can be found on the home page of FIFA. You can get coins from tournament bonuses as well and from buying FIFA points in order to open packs. If you are lucky and get a great player in one of those packs, you can sell it for a higher price.

The chemistry style technique

There are numerous techniques through which you can make more money within the game. One great example is the so called “chemistry style technique”. This one implies going on the market and looking for those players that already had the chemistry style applied. Use this “hunting” method to see if someone has accidentally listed those players up on a low or the same price as the default players BIN (Buy-it-Now). Take advantage of other’s mistakes in order to turn them into your advantage and earn up to 100,000 coins.

Extinct player method

This method is a great one to use, because it can get you nearly 1 million coins or even more if you are lucky. Experts claim that this method is a price range specific one, because it is based on making players extinct. An extinct player means that no one can buy it. EA will realise this and after some time will push the price of that player up. This can happen if players have been taken out of packs. If you have an extinct player, you can sell it for a higher price than before, thus making more coins.

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