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How to grow mushrooms

If you want to learn how to grow mushrooms from spores then after reading this article you will be able to do that. The mushrooms spores can be bought from the internet and after buying them you will see that they come in syringes. Learning how to grow mushrooms is hard but after doing that you will be very excited. The first thing that you will find out when you start learning how to grow mushrooms is that the instructions are very specific. Besides that you will need an environment which is sterile and has approximate temperatures. In what follows, we will provide you with some essential gardening tips in order to help you grow mushrooms.

First instruction in learning how to grow mushrooms is that you will need a cup of water and a cup of vermiculite. After having the two cups of water and vermiculite you will have to mix them. After that you will have to mix them in 1 cup of brown rice until it is completely blended. After that take some glass jars and fill them just below the lip and don’t pack the mixture. To prevent contamination you should wipe the inside of the lip with a paper towel.

Normally, you wouldn’t need garden tools equipment in order to grow mushrooms, but it may help to have some cutting scissors or a small shovel for various purposes. Moreover, comprehensive garden tools equipment may contain other things that you find useful around the house, especially when trying something new like growing mushrooms.

Another thing that you have to know in learning how to grow mushrooms is that in the jars you will have to put some vermiculite until they are full. Then you will have to drill 4 holes in the jar lids and you will also have to cover the holes with tape. Besides that, you will need a large pot where you will have to put a few lids on the bottom. You will have to do that so the jars will not sit directly on the metal. After that you will have to put a layer of foil, another layer of lids and then place the jars on top of the lids.

The pot should be filled with water just below the jar line, although the jars shouldn’t be in the water. On the pot put a lid and for 90 minutes steam it. These are very important things on learning how to grow mushrooms. You will have to make sure that in the pot will remain the water.

Other instructions on how to grow mushrooms are that you will have to remove from the pot the cool jars. A sterile box is what you will have to do from a large clear plastic box. In that box you will have to cut two arm holes. When doing that you will have to wear some rubber gloves. If you don’t know how you can sterilize the box, then you should look into some dishwasher reviews and purchase one with sterilizing wash cycle; this cycle will be helpful in numerous other situations as well, because you never know when you need to thoroughly clean utensils, baby items and so on. By reading a few dishwasher reviews, you will be able to make comparisons and purchase the appliance you need. Then you’ll be able to sterilize the box you’ll be growing your mushrooms in.
In the jars you will have to put the syringe content and after 2-3 weeks the mushrooms can be cut and you are going to be able to eat them. I hope that our gardening tips will be helpful in your mushroom growing mission.

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