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How to grow roses

If you are looking for some gardening ideas for beginners, you should definitely consider growing roses, as they are relatively easy to grow. In this article I will teach you some tips about how to grow roses. If you heard that roses are a little fussy it is true, and some of them need more maintenance than others.

Below I will present you some instructions on how to grow roses.

Firstly, in winter or in early spring, you will have to prune the roses as soon as they show signs of new growth. The new growths are usually in the form of small red buds swelling.

After doing that you will have to cut any dead or damaged branches. After you have done that you will have to cut out all, but five or four healthy main stems.

These things are essential if you want to know how to grow roses. Depending on how tall you want your roses bush want to be you will have to cut the stems back by a third to a half. If you will do that you will help by directing the bud to grow up and out. By growing up and out the air circulation is going to be better and also the shape of the rose bush is going to be prettier.

The fertilization should be started at the start of the growing season. If you want to know how to grow roses then you must know that roses are hungry plants and they need a lot of nutrients for best flowering and growth. Every three to four weeks in the growing season you should fertilize your roses with liquid fertilizer.

You will have to water your roses diligently because they need, during the growing season, a steady source of water.
If you will lay down 1 to 2 inches of organic mulch then your roses will need less watering and weeding and also will have fewer diseases. As organic mulch you can choose wood chips, grass clippings, pine needles or other biodegradable material.

Another thing that you have to know on how to grow roses is that if your roses become diseased or they have an insect infestation then you should spray the roses. For receiving a good treatment for your roses you must go with the affected part at a reliable garden center and the staff will give you the best treatment.

In early autumn you should stop fertilizing the roses. If you will continue fertilizing them they will produce new growth and it will be nipped by cold.

I think that now you know how to grow roses and I wish you luck in doing that. After reading this, you may think that growing roses is probably not what you had in mind when looking for gardening ideas for beginners. Nevertheless, it sounds harder than it actually is. These gardening rules are mainly for growing perfect roses. If you don’t follow them all, your roses will still bloom, though not as perfect as the ones you see in the magazines.

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