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How to Install a Gas Dryer

Gas dryers have become mandatory household appliances due to the amount of time and effort that they save you. If you have bought a gas dryer but you don’t want to hire a professional to install it, you don’t have to worry because you can do it yourself. To learn how to correctly install a gas dryer, follow the steps shown in the following lines. By installing the gas dryer yourself you will save money and you will learn a new skill.

Turn off the electricity and the gas

Before you can actually start the installation process, you have to turn off the power. After you turn off the power, proceed with turning off the main gas supply at the meter first. If there is a cap on the supply pipe, remove it with a wrench.

Install the connections for the gas dryer

For this step, you have two options. First, you can follow the instructions for the installation of gas connection parts for the appliance. These instructions can be found in the manual that came with the gas dryer installation kit. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can turn to your second option, which is to contact your gas provider to help you with the installation.

Put the pipe dope on

After you are finished with installing the connections for the gas dryer, you can put the pipe dope on the threads. When you’re done, take a stainless steel connector and screw it to the pipe.

Check for leaks

Once you’re done with the pipe dope and the dryer gas lines are hooked up, you have to check for leaks. To check for leaks, you have to put equal parts of water and liquid dish soap in a bowl and put the solution of the gas connections that you have installed. Turn the gas on and check for bubbles. If you can’t see any, it means that there are no leaks. If you see bubbles, tighten and test again to see if bubbles appear. You have to tighten and check until the bubbles stop forming.

Fasten the vent hose

Next you have to fasten the vent hose to the duct. Afterward, place the hose clamp on and tighten as hard as you can. If you want to increase the efficiency of your dryer, keep the vent hose to the shortest length possible.

Make the finishing touches

Now it’s time for you to plug the gas dryer in. Attach the vent hose and push the dryer back into place. Keep a distance of at least 3 inches between the wall and the gas dryer for circulation. Once you’re done with this final step, you can enjoy using your gas dryer.

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