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How to Install an Infrared Sauna in Your Home

Infrared saunas have endless health benefits and are more comfortable to use, which is why they are more sought for than traditional saunas. However, going to a spa on a regular basis would be tiresome and expensive, so you might want to consider getting an infrared sauna at home. If you worry that you won’t be able to install t yourself, you have come to the right place as we will teach you how to install an infrared sauna in your home without much hassle.

Getting started

Infrared saunas come as a kit that you can install in any room of your house, just make sure you will have a power supply at hand. The construction should be easy to handle on your own but it is recommended to ask for the help of a friend to keep your wood parts in place and to help you with the assembly. Other than that, you will only need a screwdriver to make sure all the screws are tightened into place and some basic knowledge on electrical parts so you will be able to connect the control panel and have the sauna running.

Assemble the frame

Most infrared sauna kits feature a tongue and groove construction that makes them very easy to install in any home. The walls, floor, and ceiling create a tight sauna that will not leak heat so you can rest assured knowing that the sauna will be safe to use in any room of your house. The tongue and groove assembly is a breeze because all the panels come together n a click and the result is a durable and solid construction. You will need to start with the floor that must sit on an even surface then add the walls and finish with the ceiling that will keep everything in place. This is where you will need someone to keep all the parts in place. After assembling the frame, your sauna will likely have inside benches that will also need to be installed, along with magazine racks or headrests.

Handle the electrical part

The electrical part is where you might need some professional help if you are not good at it. The sauna includes some infrared heaters that are spread inside the sauna to ensure a full body coverage but all the heaters must be connected to the same control panel. Make sure you follow the electrical scheme of the sauna and make all the right connections. After wiring the infrared heaters, you need to put the control panel in place and connect the wires so that each heater will work independently. None of the electrical tasks are hard and you should have them done in less than one hour.

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