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How to Optimize a Small Kitchen

Kitchens are probably the most important space in a home, it’s where all family members gather to cook and eat and basically socialize. Food brings people together and sharing food gives a certain sense of community and intimacy that other things can’t. But what can you do if your kitchen is kind of small and you’re constantly crammed in there, not having enough space to cook and have family members around? Well, in what follows we’ll supply you with a few tips to help you optimize your kitchen space and get the most out of it, while at the same time conferring it a nice design. Moreover, you can search specialized magazines and the Internet for helpful kitchen decorating ideas that will surely spark up your imagination. From smart cupboards to top dishwashers and corner kitchen sinks  there are a lot of trick you can employ to save space!

One of the best things you can do to save space in your kitchen is replacing the regular dinner table with a corner banquette and table. That way the room won’t be crammed by chairs and a big table all the time and you and your family can sit cozily in a corner of the kitchen, perhaps somewhere near a window. The banquette should be comfortable though, so cover it with pillows or blankets.

A very important aspect of kitchens are appliances, so for a smaller kitchen you need to do a bit more research to find something that fits. So when you look for a coffee maker, make sure to read some reviews as well and pay attention to design specifications. When reading coffee maker reviews, you can look for size and thus get a product that will not only do what you need it to do, but it will also fit into your limited space without problems.

Read also some dishwasher reviews and find small yet capacious dishwashers that won’t occupy too much space. You also have to eliminate any other things that aren’t normally found in a kitchen but that you may have placed there for convenience. Reading dishwasher reviews will inform you about the best solutions for your reduced space.

In order to save closet space, hang some of your prettiest pots and pans on a wall. They will not only be decoratively beautiful, but they’ll also be easier to reach and use. That way you can use your closet space for other things like plates, glasses, etc. Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring and standard. Invest in some decorative items or make some yourself at home. For example, you can put collectible plates on the walls, or purchase some antique jars from a local fair and fill them with coffee beans, sugar or even other types of beans that would look good. You can also use a rolling cart fitted with a butcher block on top to enlarge the counter space. You can move the cart around any way you like and even store some things inside it, so it will come in very handy in many occasions.

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