How to plan a vintage wedding

If you are a romantic person and love the special look of the old things made with great care and delicacy, then you can plan a wedding in vintage style. Weddings with vintage details evoke a classic romance and have a charm that persists over time through their unique beauty. If you want to plan a vintage wedding, here you will find some ideas.

  • The decor for a vintage wedding. The decor should include warm and neutral colors, but also a slightly harsh element that covers the neutral atmosphere. The colors used must be pale pink, chocolate and warm brown colors, white and cream. You can find vintage items at antique stores or shops that sell old things and you can create a decor with bird cages, chandeliers, silk flowers, bowls and boxes with wooden embroidery, silk or embroidered fabric in the old style. The key items of a vintage decor are mirrors with imposing frames made in flowers and plaster, in warm colors – cream, gold, brown.

To decorate, you can use fabrics such as silk or imitation, embroidery, velvet. Other elements that bring a vintage touch are large pictures with images of those times, taking care to match well the colors. Wrought iron holders for candles and chandeliers bring a touch of brightness of those times. Just like you would apply your skills to figure out how to price handmade jewelry, so should you figure out how to turn your wedding into a representation of vintage design. In fact, when it comes to learning how to price handmade jewelry, you should look to see if it looks like vintage jewelry, because this can increase its price. As for your wedding, making it look vintage should turn out to be cheaper than you think, because you can re-purpose a lot of things.

The flowers used for a vintage wedding should have a wild or exotic look, less elegant. For example, you can use lilac flowers, peonies, violets, hydrangeas and a lot of green.

The ambient music can be jazz, but also choose fun music for your guests so that each of them dances at least once.

  • The bridal look: in order for a wedding to have an authentic vintage vibe, the bride must also match this theme. Use in the internet in order find some tutorials on various vintage wedding hairstyles. You can save some pictures of your favorite vintage wedding hairstyles and show them to your hairdresser or you can do your own retro hairstyle.


  • The grooms’ attire should not contrast with the wedding style. The bride can choose old jewelry with pearls or massive gold, having flowers or other elements of nature, jewelry made in filigree. Seek for any source of inspiration to bring that vintage touch to your wedding attires.


  • Invitations in vintage style. The wedding invitations should also have that vintage touch. The invitations can be engraved or written on old paper with a pen and adorn with a ribbon or you can use invitations with laced edges.


  • Wedding gifts and souvenirs in vintage style. The gifts for a vintage wedding can consist in embroidered handkerchiefs or in old style silver bottles. Also, you can offer as a wedding gift, frosted candies in tone with the colors of the wedding, with embroidery and served in packages in vintage style or pens or tobacco boxes.


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