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How to Score Baseball Game Using Pencil and Paper

The tradition of scoring a baseball game using a paper and a pencil has started in the early days of baseball and it is a great way for fans to get more involved. In addition, each scorecard on which you score baseball game will remain a memory of each game you have attended and will tell the story of the game you have witnessed.

However, today all cell phones and high tech scoreboards allow you to receive the latest updates right in the palm of your hand; therefore, the tradition of keeping the score of a baseball game is becoming a lost art. We will present below this almost lost tradition of how to score baseball game using pencil and paper.

First of all, get your card. Many of the baseball programs also have scorecards included. But if you do not want to spend $4 on a program, you can print yours from any websites specialized in this. Each team’s batting line-up needs to be written down the left side of the card. In addition to the players’ names, you need to include the number of their position and the number of their jersey.

There is a code that has been developed in baseball to help you score baseball game. You can create your own code, but this is the standard code:

Each position has its own number. These assigned numbers are going to be used when you keep track of fielding plays.
Pitcher – 1
Catcher – 2
First Base – 3
Second base – 4
Third base – 5
Shortstop – 6
Left field – 7
Center field – 8
Right field – 9
Designated hitter – DH

When a batter is up, you need to record if he hit, got walked, or struck out with these simple abbreviations:
Strikeout – K
Looking strikeout (this is when the batter does not swing) – backwards K
Walked – BB (base on balls)
Single – 1B
Double – 2B
Tripple – 3B
Homerun – HR
F – flyout
DP – double play

Once you have your card ready, you can enjoy your hot dog and start scoring the baseball game. For each player there is a row of squares with baseball diamonds right next to their name. The progress of each batter will be recorded in these squares. For instance, if a batter hits a single, you need to write 1B outside the diamond and the line from home plate to first needs to be darkened. If the runner on first base advances to second base, you need to darken the line from first to second.

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