How to Test Internet Connection and Speed

There are many techniques that you can use in order to test internet connection. However, people don’t pay too much attention to these aspects until they encounter certain problems that can stop them from doing their work. Therefore, our advice is to learn how to deal with these types of problems before they appear, because it will be more easier for you to solve them without wasting too much time in finding solutions.

In order to avoid situations where you can encounter downloading or opening web pages problems, you must test Internet connection and speed periodically. Although that might not seem such a pleasant task, it might turn out to be very useful because it will help you to avoid certain complications. The steps that you need to follow to achieve these actions are very easy, so here are the methods that will help you improve your Internet services.

The first technique involves using a computer that is connected to the Internet to achieve your task. You must start by going to the Start menu and clicking the Network option. The next step that you need to do is click on View status to receive information regarding your Internet speed. Another free solution that you can use to test Internet connection is represented by an application which is called Activity Monitor.

Although the Activity Monitor is a method that only shows data since you last booted your device, it can display some useful statistics about the connection, through the Network tab that it integrates. If you want to use this application, you must press “Command” + “F”, and type “Activity monitor” in the box. Then you have to select the application and click on the small Network tab at the bottom to receive the information that you need.

There are cases where people think to have a major network problem, but in the end it turns out that what they deal with is an unplugged network connection. You might think that these things don’t usually happen, but is best to verify all the possibilities before turning to some extreme measures. If everything seems to be in place, but you still can’t have access to the web, it’s time to test Internet connection by checking all the basics again, because you might have forgotten some simple details. Trying to see if you are connected to your AP by considering the fact that all APs are based on a web administration panel is also a good solution.

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