Blogging Gadgets

How to Use Blogger Gadgets

Blogger gadgets are applications that can be integrated into third party sites by any user on a blog where he has rights of authorship. Widgets allow authors to turn their personal content into dynamic web applications that can be shared on different pages where the code can be installed. If you want your website visitors to have access to the application, you must integrated it in a webpage, such as a Blogger blog sidebar.

There are many applications that people can use on their webpages. Furthermore, the ads that are displayed on certain portions of a blog are considered by a Blogger gadgets. If you want to increase the number of visitors of your blog, you can turn to interesting widgets as a method to achieve your goal.

When you build a gadget for Blogger, you make it available to millions of users, so it’s in your interest to use this strategy to enhance the content and the functions of your page. You can also use it to pull services and content from third-party webpages.

Gadgets are also known as widgets, and they are tools that come in many forms, such as photos, interactive social applications that allow people to chat, games, and countdown tickers. There are some Blogger gadgets that can help you to enhance your page by listing your readers, or allowing them to subscribe to your blog content. Here are some tips that will allow you to learn more about this tools:

If you are adding Blogger widgets to your blog’s sidebar, you must consider the pixel width size in order to make sure that it fits and people can see it. It is very important for the widget to be visible within your sidebar, and you can take care of that problem by using a blogger template. That way you can adjust the sidebar width by using the Template Designer on the Design tab to install your widget.

When you want to add a gadget and you use the required feature in Blogger, your new application will always appear above all your other widgets. So, you will have to drag and drop the new widget to the location where you want it to be.

If you want to add a widget using the “Add a Gadget” option, you have the possibility to enter the URL for a widget that you want to include from outside of Blogger. Therefore, all you have to do is click on the “Add Your Own” option and type the name of the webpage that you want to add.

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