Ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet

The wedding bouquet is the most important accessory of a bride and it must be chosen carefully. Therefore, floral designers will present us some ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style. Make sure you include these suggestions in your wedding list in order to have plenty of choices when you have to make your decision. Keep in mind that the bouquet should be in tone with the rest of the decorations. Matching it with your accessories or your make up might also be a fun idea. We are sure that you will find our ideas to be inspiring as the following bouquets are simply breathtaking.

  • A small and round wedding bouquet. Small and round, this bouquet is usually composed of small flowers and is a perfect choice for a bride short in stature. This style will create a classic look and is a perfect option if you want to emphasize more the wedding dress.
  • Wedding bouquet with dark purple callas. Bold brides can opt for a wedding bouquet made of dark purple callas, dark red or black callas, which contrasts perfectly with the white dress. If you wear a discreet makeup, you will be certainly the most beautiful bride. Also, you can combine callas with pink or lilac roses, crystals, peacock feathers or transparent leaves. If you add Swarovski crystals on the bouquet’s handle, you will surely be the most precious bride.
  • Wedding bouquet with red roses and Stephanotis. The red and white combination remains in trends. The strong red of the roses in contrast with the pure white of the nice smelling Stephanotis (Madagascar jasmine) form a perfect ensemble for a bouquet of a beautiful bride.
  • Wedding bouquet with imperial lilies. A simple wedding bouquet of imperial lilies embellished with an elegant gold organza bow is the perfect choice for a stylish bride.
  • A white wedding bouquet. White will always be in fashion and is the brides’ favorite color. Thus, a bouquet of white roses matches perfectly with the white wedding dress and is always a good choice in terms of bridal bouquet.
  • A colorful wedding bouquet. Young and joyful brides can opt for a wedding bouquet made of at least seven shades of roses. The visual effect, in contrast with the white wedding dress is guaranteed. If your wedding takes place in the fall, you can get inspiration from some fall fashion ideas for both your bouquet and wedding decorations. The bouquet can be made from red, yellow and orange leaves, from flowers in the same color range, and you can generally choose warm, earthy tones that could contrast with a white background. Getting inspiration anywhere you can for such a special event is a great idea, whether it’s fall fashion ideas, vintage ideas, or even a theme that the bride and groom are particularly keen on.
  • Wedding bouquet of pink or white callas. It is clear that callas will always be in trend. It is recommended to accessorize this bouquet with rhinestones and crystal flowers to give a touch of maximum elegance to the wedding bouquet.
  • Wedding bouquet with roses, Eustoma and Safari. The elegance of white roses combined with exotic flowers such as Safari or Eustoma – a delicate plant of joy – create a modern and delicate bridal bouquet.

As you can see, when it comes to bouquets there are choices for every style. However, don’t make a rushed decision. Take your time and explore as many options as possible. Double check your wedding list at every step of the planning process in order to make sure that everything is in harmony. Wedding planning can be overwhelming but if you are well organized you can even plan the whole event by yourself. After all, your personal taste should be reflected in all the details including the bouquet.

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