Ideas for a wedding afterparty

If you want your wedding day to last a little longer, why not consider planning a wedding afterparty, but don’t forget that not everyone will be up to this idea of attending the afterparty. Here are some ideas for a wedding afterparty.

The afterparty means that when the wedding party ends you can invite the resilient guests to a more special place to listen to music and drink some cocktails to finish off the night. But before planning the afterparty, you should make a guest list with those you think would be interested in attending the afterparty. Remember that any guest present to the wedding should be invited, even if you think that there are people that will not be interested to attend the wedding afterparty. Therefore, you must be prepared if besides your friends and family, there will be other guests who would love to attend the afterparty.  You don’t have to mention the afterparty on the wedding invitations, just make sure you specify to your guests that there will be an afterparty.

Before we inspire your with our wedding after party ideas, we need to have a little skin care talk. Since there will be an after party, this means that your role as a bride is not over yet and you need to look luminous for a few more hours. By the time of the after party, your bridal makeup will probably be a mess which is why you need some essential products such as a mineral water spray, makeup removal tissues, face powder, blush, lipstick and mascara. The purpose of this skin care talk is to help you freshen up  your makeup. All you have to do is use the tissues in order to remove the overstretched makeup and lightly redo your makeup using the powder, lipstick and mascara.

Usually, not many guests attend a wedding afterparty and reserving a small and private place would be a good option. You can reserve a smaller room at the hotel where the wedding took place or you can reserve a spot in a bar nearby where to enjoy the end of the night or you can organize an afterparty at home.

To decorate the location for the afterparty should not be very difficult. You can have it decorated as you wish, but differently than the place where the wedding took place. And to continue in a fascinated atmosphere as the wedding, you can choose a theme for the afterparty. It will be fun and you will end your special day surprising you guests with your original ideas for the wedding. You can serve guests with some mini-hamburgers or some cookies depending on your theme and complete the night with champagne. If the wedding takes place in summer, you can throw the afterparty by the pool, listen to a DJ and drink cocktails.

If you want to have two separate parties, one for men and one for women, you can choose a theme for each one. It will also be a good opportunity for the bride and maids of honor to exchange opinions and unwrap gifts. Of course, men fitness dancers are out of the question now that you are married. If you want your groom to look like a model, recommend him a men fitness program. Going to the gym together is also a great idea. Keep it casual and serve aperitifs and fruit salads with chocolate.

The wedding afterparty is supposed to be a casual one, so you can change into something more relaxed or you can wear your wedding dress and suit. Tell your guests to do the same, if your theme for the afterparty is not that formal. If you want to shine as you did at the wedding, this is a great opportunity.

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