Interesting Facts About the Origin of Soccer

Soccer is one of the most interactive sports that there are. However, who do we have to thank for creating this amazing sport that manages to have such a large number of supporters all over the world? Which is the origin of soccer?

In order to learn more about the origin of soccer we need to go back in time to take a look to the old civilizations and find out more about their hobbies. According to the specialists, soccer exists since ancient times, more exactly it dates back as far as 2500 BC, and it was one of the favorite activities of the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese people.

Most of the games that these people played involved the use of hands, feet and sticks in order to control a ball. These ancient civilizations didn’t apply very complex rules, so the pursuits for the ball were more similar to rugby than to the soccer that professionals play these days. However, one of the Chinese games involved a group of soldiers kicking a ball into a net between two poles. The difference between this game, which was called Tsu-Chu, and modern day soccer was represented by the goal’s height, which was about thirty feet from the ground.

Many other cultures embraced this sport, and they focused on conducting the ball with the use of their feet. The Native Americans used Pahsaherman as a rudimentary form of soccer, which began to evolve in the 9th century. In England the entire cities would kick a ball made from a pig’s bladder from one milestone to another, but soon the game was considered to be nuisance, so it was banned for certain periods of time of Britain’s history.

The modern shape of football started to be formed in the 16th century when the codification of soccer was introduced in Britain’s public schools. The use of hands was allowed only during certain periods of play, and two goals were included at each end. Furthermore, players understood the need of goalkeepers, so these defenders were also introduced, as well as certain tactics and strategies.

New rules and regulations were developed in Britain, and by the 1700 soccer clubs started to appear and to organize matches against each other. At this moment, the teams were still allowed to use their hands during the game. So it wasn’t until the Football Association attempted to create one accepted set of rules in 1863, that this game started to become more balanced. Therefore, the real origin of soccer was established after the FA rules were accepted, and the first official match was played in Battersea Park, in London.

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