Interesting Quotes About Writing

Putting down your thoughts is an art that not anyone knows how to handle. According to some interesting quotes about writing, people who want to try this form of expressing themselves must have lots of creativity and originality. Consistency is also a quality that writers must have because those who read their work must understand the main idea that they tried to reflect.

The world that writers describe in words can develop new horizons for those who love reading more than wasting their time on the Internet. They can help people having certain revelations and understanding more about the simple things. If you want to have a life after 70 blog, then you should pay attention to these quotes about writing, because they will help you create content that will attract readers, and you will have hundreds of readers in no time.

One of the most interesting quotes about writing reflects the fact that a good poet or novelist can bring out the sensitive side of people. These days we are all trapped in a world where time appears to fly very fast, and we seem to forget about the importance of enjoying simple facts. We don’t see any more how beautiful certain things are, and we forget about focusing on essential aspects of our lives. So, a book has the goal to make us aware of the things that surround us by giving us time to assimilate the information that it features. Unfortunately, TV programs and the Internet don’t have the same effect.

Virginia Woolf is one of the biggest writers that have ever existed, especially because she wasn’t afraid of exposing her emotional side in her books. She once said that you can understand all about a writer’s personality after reading one of his/her books. Writers expose themselves by transmitting to their audience thoughts that they developed due to certain situations that they had to go through. So, a reader can understand many things about a writer’s lifestyle after reading one of his/her work.

Virginia Wolf declared that writers integrate into their work every secret that their soul has, every experience that they have gone through, and most of all, every quality of their mind. So, they are not afraid of getting exposed to others’ judgment.

Joan DiDion went further with that affirmation when she expressed an idea that became one of the most interesting quotes about writing. She said that a writer is always selling someone out. If we think about it, writers need a source of inspiration in order to create a work of art. Therefore, they might create their characters after getting inspired by people who surround them. So, they can create positive or negative personages based on real people, and depending on how accurate their description is, people might discover similarities between the characters of their book and real live individuals.

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