Intriguing Science Fiction Films

We recommend science fiction films for those who like fantastic scenarios and innovations. They represent a way to break your daily routine and to enter a new universe for a couple of hours. The emphasize of actual or speculative science allows everyone to enter a supernatural world where they can be amazed with the unknown.

Blade Runner tells us the story of a detective who discovers a group of replicants and wants to reveal their identities. However, the synthetic humans who have escaped from their world turn out to be peaceful. So, the main character finds out that all they want is to lead their own lives since everyone else has the same right. Therefore, this movie has an emotional story and it can really implicate the viewer in the action. The most important fact that Blade Runner wants to highlight is that things are not what they seem, and everyone behaves in a certain way because there is a reason behind their actions.

The Matrix is a movie that includes cutting edge effects, lots of futuristic fights and evil robots. However, the most interesting part of this movie is represented by the pseudo-conspiracy theory which implies that everyone can decide their destiny. This movie talks about the fact that our world doesn’t really exist. There are science fiction films that promote the idea of a world which is made from the perception that each person has over life. Therefore, if people could discover this secret, they could create their own universes in which they would be surrounded by their own beliefs and choices, so they could dictate everything that happens in their lives.

The Time Machine(2002) is one of the science fiction films that gives the viewer the possibility to ask himself where would he go if he owned such a device. Most of the people would choose to go in their past and change certain events in order to avoid some of the things that they consider to be mistakes.

There is a paradox regarding this issue that the scenarist of the movie didn’t consider when he wrote the script. If people could return in time to alter the events of the past, their future would change, so the future in which they go back in time wouldn’t exist anymore. That means they wouldn’t find the opportunity to return in their past and change the things they considered to be mistakes. This option wouldn’t exist because they wouldn’t have a reason to go back since the mistake wouldn’t exist anymore. So, they couldn’t be able to travel through time.

However, the main character of the movie managed to go back in time to try saving the person who loved. But things get complicated when he travels 800,000 years into the future and discovers that humankind is separated into two fighting races.

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