iPad 3 release date

Apple is about to release a new version of tablet, iPad 3, which is expected to be improved with higher resolution display (“retina display”), longer battery life, 5MP camera and a more powerful processor (the upgraded A5 or even the “almighty” A6 processor), in order to face the new challenges, features and upgrades  this new product is providing, while its overall design is expected to be similar with its previous two versions.

Its eager followers are rumoring that the iPad 3 release date would be set by the end of March 2012, although none certain information about its launch has been given to the mass. What we do know for sure is that the refreshed tablet is under development, as the new reports based on leaking information are telling about its prototypes which are internally circulating, the displays for iPad 3 which are shipped by Apple’s newly acquired business partner Sharp Electronics, etc.

Although iPad 3 release date is impatiently expected, Apple has no rush launching it, for two main reasons: they perfect their product before releasing it to the public, and also, there is no other threatening competitor that would absorb the market by “stealing” their potential costumers and make them hurry up; in other words, Apple is enjoying its market monopoly position, as the analyst Mark Moskowitz says. He also talks about other  large scale companies (HP, Motorola, Sony) whose attempts to enter the tablets market have stumbled so far and this trend-line  is going to persist deep into 2012, which is another reason why Apple’s in no rush to get the iPad 3 out the door.

Due to all the upgrades that will turn iPad 3 more into a revolution, than an evolution, this refreshed tablet is expected to be quite pricey, although no official price have been set yet for the upcoming product.

However, this upgraded tablet is waited to be purchased in huge number by education institutions (mostly high schools and colleges), as this alternative to classic textbooks is both cheaper and interactive. This doesn’t mean there aren’t enough fun games to play on the iPad as well, on  the contrary, the selection will probably only get bigger.

Major publishers (as McGraw-Hill, Pearson and others) are going to provide their educational books (which, otherwise, would be really expensive to achieve) in the iBookstore, this way making the path to education more accessible in comparison with purchasing lots of class textbooks every year. At the same time, education will be more exciting, making study more fun, dynamic, engaging and interactive, as students would be using for that a device they truly love. And after all that fruitful studying, you can easily download and install a few apps and you’ve got yourself some fun games to play, getting the relaxation you deserve.

As this product is already so eagerly waited, Apple is going to dominate the tablet market this year , too. As we speak, the iPad 3 release date is closer and closer, its release date being set for March or, at least, the early first half of 2012.

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