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Is mold the cause of your health issues?


Are you working or living in a building damaged by water? Do you know that you can suffer from health issues in these conditions? In case you do not know mold and mycotoxins and other indoor air pollutants are the cause of the majority of illnesses people suffer from. Many people think that outdoor pollution, as smoke and smog can lead to health issues, but you should know that indoor pollutants bring a greater danger to your health. In addition, if you are a parent, you would want to know that your house is the home for toxic pollutants that can contribute to health problems.

If you expose yourself to a water-damaged environment, then you expose yourself to mold. Indoors can be found some of the following types of fungus: alternaria, penicilliunum, cladosporium, aspergillus, and stachybotrys chartarum. In case you notice inside spots of greenish-black mold, on surfaces as wood and fiberboard, then you should know that it is a sign of moisture.

The persons who expose themselves to mold can suffer from allergies, asthma, inflammations, immune dysfunction and oxidative stress. If you want to protect yourself from mold related health issues then you should get in touch with a company that is specialised in mold removal Calgary, because they have the needed equipment to measure the mycotoxins present inside your home and in the buildings, you may be exposed to this fungus. In the majority of cases, people are exposed to it through ingestion, skin contact and inhalation. Mold can produce different symptoms and you should make sure that you are aware of them, in order to avoid other complex issues.

What health symptoms are associated with mold?

There are several symptoms associated with mold related health issues:

  • Bloating, abdominal pain, static shocks, diarrhea
  • Light sensitivity, fatigue, headaches, weakness
  • Vertigo, disorientation, tearing, blurred vision, metallic taste in mouth
  • Sharp pains, blurred vision, mood swings, sweats, difficulty concentration
  • Difficult word finding, joint pain, poor memory, morning stiffness
  • Red eyes, increased thirst, increased urinary frequency,
  • Chronic cough, body temperature regulation, appetite swings, sinus congestion
  • Shortness of breath, numbness, unusual skin sensations, sweats, tingling

Questions to ask yourself to see to find if you are exposed to mold

Are you bothered by musty odours when at home or at the office?

Do you live or work in a place where the ceiling tiles or air vents are discolored?

Do you notice discoloration or water damage inside your house?

Has your office or house been flooded?

Does your roof experience leaks?

Do you experience cases of shortness of breath?

Are you dealing with recurring sinus infections?

Are you dealing with respiratory infections frequently?

Are your symptoms worse during rainy days?

Do you experience frequent headaches?

Do you experience flu-like symptoms, but you are not cold?

Do you have skin rashes?

What health issues are caused by mold?

Many people who are exposed to mold experience more asthma attacks. Even if you do not suffer from asthma and you are not allergic to mold, you can experience irritation of airways, skin and eyes. Fungus as black mold produce mycotoxins that can lead to irritation of skin. In case you expose yourself to mold for a long period of time you can develop severe reactions. In some cases, you may have difficulty when breathing or you may experience fever. In case you have a compromised immune system, then you can deal with complex infections of your lungs, if you are living in a house infected with mold. Depending on your particular condition and the type of mold, you expose yourself the symptoms may differ. There are studies that show that exposure to this fungus can lead to health issues to the upper respiratory tract as cough.

The persons who experience asthma will notice that their symptoms get worse when they stay in a certain place. Doctors have also linked mold with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, so you should do a thorough check inside your office and house in case you are diagnosed with this issue, because it will worsen it. This condition has similar symptoms to pneumonia, but it is experienced by the persons who are exposed to mold.

In case you have toxigenic mold inside your office or home, then you can deal even with memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhage.

How can you treat mold exposure?

In case you suspect that your house is infected with mold, then you should contact a company to come and inspect it. Until they find and remove the fungus, you should find yourself other place where to stay, because it would be no use to try other treatment and to continue to expose yourself to it. In addition, you should not wear the clothing and get in touch with other items from the environment infested with mold. If you want to treat yourself, then you will have to get in touch with a professional, because they will know what to recommend you.

 In the majority of cases, this allergy is treated as any other one. In case you experience a fungal infection, that has spread all over your body, then you should get treated in the hospital, because it will weaken your immune system and it can lead to complications. The doctors will offer you antifungal drugs and they will take all the needed measures to prevent circulation and breathing issues. In case you suffer from asthma, and your symptoms are getting worse, then you should get in touch with a professional, because they will recommend you a treatment according to your particular state.

Also, you should stay away from foods that may contain mycotoxins as: cheeses, peanuts, wheat, corn, rye, barley, alcoholic beverages, brazil nuts, rice, oats, oil seeds, black pepper, spices, tree nuts pistachios, figs, bread, cocoa, coffee, chills, and dried fruits.

There are people who use as treatments anti-fungal medications and herbs. You should pay attention to the detoxification options you have, because if you do not treat yourself in time, you may experience a lot of health issues.

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