Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Schedule

The Jayhawks are the pride and joy of the University of Kansas, which is no surprise to anyone who has followed the team even a little bit over the years. As we head deeper into the Kansas Jayhawks Schedule , it’s a good time to look at the past and present of one of the marquee programs in all of college basketball.

  • A Glorious Past:

The Jayhawks have always been known for consistent and steady play, even being ranked by ESPN as the second most prestigious program in collegiate basketball history. With 22 NCAA tournament appearances, the Jayhawks are also one of the most consistent teams in college hoops from year to year. They boast the second longest winning streak with 28 victories, not to mention the most winning seasons in Division I basketball with an eye-popping 92. Needless to say, Jayhawks’ fans are used to seeing their team cut down the nets and run opponents out of the gym.

  • Wilt the Stilt:

While the Jayhawks produced a wide array of top players over the years, none seem to stand out more than Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain. Under the tutelage of Coach Dick Harp, Chamberlain scored an impressive 52 points in his fist varsity game. This included 31 rebounds, a nearly unheard of total, giving Jayhawks fans an early look at one of the most dominant basketball players ever to suit up. The points and rebounds amassed by Chamberlain also broke two all-time college records by the time he was finished in Kansas. Wilt would then lead the Jayhawks to a championship victory in 1957 against the mighty Tarheels of North Carolina and help cement the Jayhawks as one of the premier programs in all of college basketball.

  • Current Schedule:

After tough losses to both Duke and Kentucky early in the season, the Jayhawks have plenty of work to do in order to get in the good graces of the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Though losses to two of the stronger teams in college basketball might make Jayhawks’ fans a little bit nervous, they also were able to get a much needed win on Dec. 10 against Ohio State, one of the top ranked teams in college basketball. With a marquee win like that, the Jayhawks are looking to storm the rest of their schedule with confidence and optimism.
Looking at their upcoming schedule, no game looms larger than a home matchup on Jan. 16 against Baylor. So far this year, Baylor has been one of the strongest teams in the country and could end up as a major title contender, making for a heated battle between two of the best programs in all the land. But Baylor isn’t the only conference rival that they’ll have to beat this year if they want to take down the Big 12, as they still have both matchups against Missouri. In early February, the Jayhawks will travel to take on Missouri in a great bout that should end up telling us a lot about their potential for this season as we get closer to the NCAA Tournament.

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