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Learning a language adequately

When it comes to learning new languages, it is highly important to make all efforts and to choose the source adequately. Knowing foreign languages is not only desirable, but very helpful. There are many professional and social opportunities that await people who know foreign languages and for this reason, it is best to make all efforts and learn as many as possible. However, a mention should be made. When taking up a foreign language, whatever its nature might be, be sure to study it in appropriate conditions and with the correct means. By this, you should understand that what matters greatly is the source of the language in question. The best example in this regard is the Haitian language.

To much of your surprise, the language in question which is Haitian Creole is not simple and it is very different from English. In fact, it has roots in French and some Spanish, Portuguese and West African influences. What matters greatly in Haitian Creole is pronunciation, for which reason a book that can help you learn Haitian Creole on your own will not be appropriate. Therefore, instead of trying the easy way out of this situation, why not choose a dedicated, professional, qualified institution that can help you in your quest. If you are in Haiti by any chance, you could certainly head out to the Creole summer institute and take part in the lessons. If not, then you will surely discover a professional institute in your own country, one that will be able to teach you this language in an adequate manner. Of course, you might be wondering what the difference is, apart from the obvious one that is related to cost. Well, it is rather simple to image that the staff, more specifically the teachers working there, gives the positive reputation of a school or language center. Thus, it is only normal to go towards the institution that collaborates with top teachers, because there you will have the best chances of learning to speak Haitian Creole in a clear and correct manner.


Truth be told, the ideal way of learning any foreign language, not just Haitian Creole, is by traveling to the source. Going to that country and spending some time will help you better understand the language, because you will have direct contact with all the traditions and the culture specific to that place. Don’t be fooled into thinking that culture and language have nothing in common. In fact, these aspects are connected more than you would think. Additionally, by going to that country, you could be learning from native speakers. You can count on the fact that no one could teach you pronunciation better than a native speaker. Looking at the facts mentioned before, the conclusion is simple to imagine. You have to learn a foreign language with a dedicated, professional teacher and ideally, with a native speaker. Try to stay away from the ‘do it yourself’ methods, because you will never manage to learn the language.

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