Letter Jungle Children’s App

Many kinds want to have their own iPad, so families have to have at least two of those. If grown-ups use these tools to work efficiently, children like them for all the games they provide. The Letter Jungle is a very cool game, loved by all the kids. From a very early age, kids are attracted to shiny, colorful things and they like the tapping process provided by the iPad. Using applications, you can help your children a lot and inspire them to learn new, different things through games. Toddlers are really captivated by building block and similar games, so the Letter Jungle is very appropriate for them and also educational.

Designed by a German developer, the Letter Jungle had recently been released in the app stores. It’s actually a fun way of teaching your children essential things. For them, it represents an amazing game where they can toy with all sorts of words. For many people, Letter Jungle is considered to be an educational application, that is probably why so many parents are overwhelmed with it. It can also be used as a guide for the ones who already go at an elementary school, for it helps to enrich their reading and spelling skills.

The interface really attracts the little ones who don’t perceive the Letter Jungle as a teacher, but as a really cool game, due to the colorful theme. It has large buttons and icons that help children remember any information provided there. This way, they would want to learn for themselves without even knowing that playing is really in their benefit. Also the animated and sound effects attract children to learn more things and bring their knowledge to a higher level.

Letter Jungle refers to some orangutans that steal different letters from words and hide them into the jungle. It’s up to your little fellow to find them and complete the words given. The missing letter, after being guessed, falls from the sky, on a splendid colorful balloon. Having nine levels, your kid will never get bored of satisfying his thirst for the balloon falling and this way, he gets to learn new words and how they are spelled. To be able to get to another level, the Letter Jungle application requires a certain number of won crystals. This really motivates children to find more letters and complete many words in a level.

There is a character that will provide auditive and visual encouragement for your kid to succeed into passing level after level. Each level of Letter Jungle is different, so that your little ones will enjoy it more and have the curiosity of finding out more information. It really helps a lot the reading and spelling lessons, due to the fact that Letter Jungle provides a better understanding of your native language, at a very early age. It has been proven that children learn a lot more when they are young, than they gather in their teens.

To conclude with, the Letter Jungle application for iPad is recommended to all kids, available in the app store for only one point ninety nine dollars. For now, it is only available in English and German, giving the possibility for your child to learn a second language.

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