Levi’s Jeans

Levi Strauss, known as LS&CO or more commonly, Levi’s, is the American clothing company best known worldwide for their denim garments. Levi Strauss founded the company in 1853 when he came to San Francisco to open a west coast branch of his brothers’ dry goods store from New York. Twenty years later he and tailor Jacob Davis received a patent from the U.S. government for making men’s work pants from denim: that is how the first Levi’s Jeans were born. They met because Davis, who was an immigrant tailor, constantly visited Strauss’ wholesale house to purchase bolts of cloth made from hemp. When he saw that his costumers kept coming back to buy cloth to mend torn pants, he had the idea of reinforcing the denim jeans with copper rivets in the points with more strain, like the pocket corners and the base of the button fly. Since he didn’t have enough money to purchase a patent himself, he wrote to Strauss and they went in business together.

The company really set off in the 1960s and ’70s when the political turmoil and hippie movement introduced a more casual look and started what we know as “the blue jeans craze”. Soon everyone wanted to be seen in baggy, discolored jeans indifferent of their social status or upbringing, so Levis Jeans fashion started selling like never before. This is the moment when the company bought rights for a technology that stone-washed jeans to make them look more worn. When it comes to mens fashion jeans, there’s no brand like Levi’s, and today’s collections are so versatile that you can choose a pair for every occasion. The Levi’s brand and corporation have grown so much since then that they’ve penetrated other markets as well, like the mobile phone industry: in 2007 they launched a mobile phone that you could customize at purchase. Levi’s Jeans have become more than just garments: they are a symbol of freedom and independence, which is why many people wear them as a statement. For example, these jeans are on the list of cool gifts for mom because they denote a young spirit.

Even so, the brand’s most famous item was and remains the notorious Levi’s jeans, which also came in the form of the ambiguous shrink-to-fit 501s. These came in a unique sizing arrangement and the name referred to the original size before shrinkage. They are still the best sold product they offer and are constantly mentioned in new mens fashion. Although some might think that these jeans are only for teens and young adults, they are actually popular among all age groups and some people even buy them as cool mothers day gifts. After the 1990s when the company was facing a lot of competition from overseas producers that offered cheaper jeans, Levi’s started opening factories and branches all over the world. Even today most of their clothing is made outside the U.S., excepting the high-end styles that are more expensive.

Levi’s jeans will always be some of the best denim products on the market and definitely the most famous ones. They have reinvented the jeans so many times and offer such a large variety of blue jeans that they have been plagiarized by almost all the jean-making companies. Even trademarks like Guess?, Polo Ralph Lauren, Esprit Holdings and others have been successfully sued by Levi Strauss Co. for ripping off their models. Even today, jeans remain an iconic street fashion piece, and sometimes they can even be used with more elegant, or at least daring outfits. From the uniforms of workmen to celebrity street fashion, Levi’s Jeans will probably always remain one of the most common and preferred garment. The great thing about this brand is that the have an equal understatement of new mens fashion as they do of womens fashion.

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