5 Awesome Things About Living in the South

Living in the south is extremely exciting; it’s hands-down the best part of the country despite its public reputation. So if you want to take in the best views, food, and personalities you could ever meet, this is the best place to do it!

The Amazing Food and Drinks

If you’re a foodie and seek out some of the best flavors in the world: you’ll find them in the American South.  The south understands the importance of good flavors, from delicious, unique dishes that you can’t find anywhere else like hushpuppies with gumbo to the simple classics like tomato sandwiches and fresh watermelon.

The drinks in the south are also awesome!  Countless breweries, wineries, and other fun alcohol-creating companies call the south home because of its long growing season.  You can taste fresh wine grapes from the vinem, all within a short drive of fun apartments in Durham, NC.  The south understands the importance of flavors.

The Incredible Diversity

The south is an incredibly diverse area of the country, home to the most incredible cities you can find.  Houston, which is the most diverse city in America, also ranks high internationally.

You can find pockets of any culture you’re looking for spread out throughout the south, making it feel like you can vanish into an area that feels like home regardless of your background. 

The Large Range of Geography

If you love mountains, the ocean, rivers, deserts, or hills with deep forests: you can find it all in the south.  Stretching from El Paso, Texas, to Virginia, you can get a huge array of geography depending on what type of land you want to visit.


For example, consider enjoying the snowy mountains of North Carolina or the wetlands of Florida.  The nice thing about this is that you can live anywhere you want and absorb some of the beauty and culture that comes with these different types of land.

The Difference In Seasons and Weather

If you love hot weather, you’re going to find it easily in the south.  What many don’t expect is that a lot of the south experiences winter as well. This is because the Appalachian Mountains take up a huge amount of land over the Southern USA.  This ensures that even areas like Atlanta, which reach scorching temperatures in the summer, can have some snow in the winter.

Of course, most of the coast doesn’t have snow because there’s not enough altitude, and the ocean air is warmer, but if you want snow, you don’t have to drive far if you’re in a state with mountains.

The Entertainment and Fun

There’s so much to do in the south that you’ll never run out of fun.  Whether your idea of fun is concerts and live shows or walking down a beach in the summer, you can find something incredible.

Orlando is home to endless fun and entertainment in theme parks, but if you’re more into fishing, you can go noodling for catfish just a few cities away.  There’s so much to do in this country area that you won’t find anywhere else.

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