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Metal recycling – find a buyer for your metal junk

Metals are versatile, and they are essential in manufacturing a wide variety of items. They can be used for many industrial purposes, as to make airplanes, cars, trucks and even railways. But the same metal from which are made cars and airplanes is used to manufacture domestic items as crockery and cutlery. Well, there might be used different types of metals, but at the end of the day, we are talking about the same raw material. So, if you want to reduce the waste piles and to save energy, you can start recycling metal items. What is great about metal is that it can be recycled over and over again, and it does not lose its properties. The commonest recyclable materials are steel and aluminium. This does not mean that the others are not recyclable, but copper, gold, silver and brass are so valuable that people do not thrown them. Because they have value, they do not create a waste disposal problem. If you want to find more about this process, then you should take a look below, because metal has to be sorted according to its properties, in order to find it the right buyer.

Steps included in the recycling process

  • Collecting metal

Collection is considered as the most important step when recycling metal. It requires you to gather all the items made from metal, and to place them in a spot where rain and snow do not get in contact with them. But if you want to do it as a professional, then you should know that there are containers especially designed for collecting this type of materials. If you want to establish a business from this, then you have to invest in this type of containers, because the buyer will pay you more for metals properly stored.

  • Sort the metals

Once you have collected the metals and have stored them in a place, you should take time to sort them. This step involves separating the items that are in a recyclable form, from the non-recyclable ones. You have to understand that the quality of the metal items you recycle is crucial, because according to it, you will find a buyer, as talmetal.ca. Buyers are interested in high-quality items, because according to the state of the item or product recycled, the quality of the new product will vary. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the quality of the items when recycling and sorting items.

  • The metal products have to be processed

You might think that the recycling process ends when you sell the metal products. The fact is that there are many steps which have to be followed from this point on. After sorting and selling them, they will be either compacted or squeezed. Special machines are used in this purpose, because it is important for the metal to not occupy much space in the storage places.

  • The shredding process is next

After braking and crushing the metal, the shredding process will start. The metal items are broken into tiny sheets or pieces for allowing the process to continue. In this way, the little pieces and be melted easier and less energy is used, than when they were processed as large pieces. Aluminium is transformed into sheets and steel into blocks.

  • Purification and Melting

The scrap metal is melted in a large furnace. For every type of metals are designed special furnaces, because every one of them has special properties, and they will not properly melt in other furnace. During this process, a considerable amount of energy is used. But when comparing it with the one of making metal from raw material, specialists state that recycled materials require less energy. Depending on the size of the furnace, the melting can take from a few minutes to multiple hours. Also, the volume of the metal and the heat degree influence the melting time. Different methods are used to purify the metal. This step is required, because the manufacturers have to be sure that the metals are free of impurities.

Tips to find a buyer for your recycled metal

If you are looking for a buyer for your recycled metal, then you should start the search on the local market. It is advisable to do market research based on the type of metals you recycle. In case you cannot find a suitable partner, then you should consider visiting the trade fairs from the country, because there will definitely be companies willing to find new sellers. When you have a list with buyers, you should contact them, for finding more details on what a partnership with them might imply. It is important to collaborate with a firm that has itself a name in the domain, because in this way you can be sure that you sell your metal to a reliable buyer. Also, you should compare the prices offered by different companies, because is important to obtain the best price for your products.

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