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Most Popular Celebrity Haircuts

When it comes to haircut trends, celebrities are always the ones who set the standards. Over the years, we have noticed that certain haircuts are slightly favored by most celebrities who reinvent them once in a while. Today we are going to talk about the most popular celebrity haircuts. These haircuts have inspired countless women to change their look in an effort to copy some of that divine Hollywood charm.

The Pixie Crop
The pixie haircut was initially brought in the media’s attention by Audrey Hepburn who managed to wear this haircut with infinite grace and femininity despite the fact that this haircut is considered to be rather boyish. Nevertheless, once this haircut was sported by the delicate miss Hepburn, it become one of the most popular hairstyles that ever existed. Decades later, it was once again reinvented by Halle Berry who also managed to wear it with grace. In fact, Halle Berry was so infatuated with this haircut that she wore it for many years until it became her signature mark. As far as the latest trends go, it seems that in 2013, the pixie haircut was the most popular hairstyle as it was worn by many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and even Pamela Anderson. We were shocked to see that Pamela Anderson abandoned her sexy, long hair but we have to admit that this was a wise decision. The pixie crop makes her look a lot younger and even more feminine. We are certain that the pixie crop will continue to be one of the most popular celebrity haircuts even in 2014.

The bob
This type of haircut is hard to define since it can be reinvented in many ways and it can also be styled in countless ways. It seems that whenever a celebrity wants to acquire a fresh, edgy look, their most popular choice is the bob. Each celebrity has a certain way of wearing this haircut. Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical bob is one of the most popular celebrity haircuts. Nicole Richie’s Wispy Bob is also in the top of our preferences. We particularly like the wispy bob because it is both delicate and daring. The bob can be both modern and retro. For example, Katie Holmes’ Chic Bob with a rich fringe was also appreciated by a lot of people. Thus, out of all the short hairstyles in recorded history, the bob has managed for itself what it managed for all women: to maintain its youth and freshness through its adaptability and versatility.

Shoulder Length haircuts
From time to time, celebrities like to reinvent themselves with edgy and sophisticated haircuts. Nevertheless, most of the time, they wear simple cuts which can be easily styled. We can’t help but notice that most of these haircuts have something in common: a middle, shoulder length. The shoulder length haircut is also known as the “perfect” haircut due to the fact that it suits all type of face shapes. This haircut is the preferred cut of Jennifer Aniston. Although Jennifer was initially associated with the Rachel cut (the long, textured bob that she wore in the first seasons of Friends), she eventually settled on the Perfect Haircut which she wears with straight hair. However this haircut can also be worn with wavy curls and it can even be beautifully complemented with side bangs. This type of haircut was also worn by Reese Whiterspoon, Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johanson, Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, Keira Knightly and many others.

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