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Most Popular Ocean Extreme Sports

Adrenaline, fast-beating hearts, furious blood pumping… all these refer to one thing: extreme sports. But, most extreme sports do not only include the above mentioned features but also big risks, dangerous situations, bad injuries or even death, and ocean extreme sports make no difference.

Extreme is a term that varied little across ages. When referring to sport activities, it always meant pushing one’s body and mind to the limits while being exposed to high risks. Here are two of the most popular ocean extreme sports that you might want to try yourself.

Lieutenant James King’s log of the Discovery ship recorded, in 1779, the first Hawaiian surfing experience of a European. It seems that surfing was for Polynesians what jousting became for knights: a manner to prove one’s superiority and skills. Still, it was not until the introduction of the short board in the early ‘70s that surfing became an extreme sport. This allowed surfers to tame bigger, steeper and more powerful waves than ever before.

Surfing became more than one of the most popular ocean extreme sports, it became such a popular sport that it was not long before surfers decided to take it to the streets. As a result, skateboarding came into being. In 1972, Frank Nasworthy invented the urethane skateboard wheels, which were similar to those used today, thus sparkling new interest in the sport among surfers and other young people.

Another of the many ocean extreme sports is free diving. Free diving requires advanced diving skills. It also entails being good at two skills: having the ability to hold your breath for a long time and being a strong swimmer. If you really want to be a good free diver, you need to enhance your ability to hold your breath. It is something hard to achieve at first, but after a lot of practicing to hold your breath, both in water and out of the water, you will finally obtain the maximum performance. When you can hold your breath for long periods of time, you will be able to explore the depths of any water you would want to dive in. Most free divers to this in the ocean, some of them to free diving in lakes, both offer you totally different experiences. It is the perfect sport for you if you love scuba diving and you did not like the noise made by the scuba diving equipment. Just imagine the discoveries you will be able to make, without feeling restrained by the scuba diving equipment.

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