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Moving to Canada: how and why

Steady economy, flawless healthcare system, security and friendly people – these are the things that Canada is best known for and, not surprisingly, the most common reasons why people decide to immigrate and start a new life here. Whether it’s because of personal, professional or family reasons, it’s not difficult to understand what makes Canada the dream country, especially in light of the current political turmoil that other states are going through. However, for many people immigration to Canada remains just a dream, because they associate this process with hours wasted in queues or laborious application processes. Indeed, immigration is a serious step and requires a certain number of documents, but, overall, the process isn’t as complicated as many would expect. In fact, with so many informative resources available online and companies that provide assistance in this regard, immigration to Canada is easier than ever before. Read this short guide to find out how different categories of people can become Canadian residents or visit this site for extensive advice on how to move to Canada.


Family sponsorship

More often than not, people decide to move to Canada because they have relatives there and want to live with them. Therefore, the Canadian government has developed the Family Class Sponsorship Program, which allows members of the same family to live together in Canada. This program has several variations, depending on which of your relatives are Canadian residents. For example, he/she can be:


  • A spouse or a common-law partner
  • A parent or grandparent
  • An underage child


Business Immigration programs

Canada isn’t tempting only for families and individuals, but for business persons as well. The presence of profitable companies and affluent investors is always welcome, so the local government has made it very simple for them to gain permanent residence in Canada. In addition to the straightforward process, there are also various programs which you can choose from depending on your business endeavors. For example, you can opt for a business investor, entrepreneur, start-up or even self-employed immigration program. Depending on your chosen program, you will have to provide proof your professional status and/or net worth, so make sure you contact a professional immigration service for assistance.


Canadian Experience Class

This is a special program for people who have studied or worked in Canada at one point in their lives and wish to come back here as permanent residents. This time, the process is somewhat more complex, because applicants have to create a profile showcasing their skills, pass several medical and security checks and based on their profile rank, they may or may not get a VISA. Again, it is advisable to get assistance from a professional company to ensure the success of the application.


Worker immigration

Last, but not least, Canada is always open towards receiving skilled workers to help the economy, so applying for a skilled worker immigration program is usually the way to go for most people. To speed up the process even more, you can try looking for a job in Canada in advance.

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