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Music-Themed Home Décor for Music Lovers

We all love decorating our homes so they represent better out personal style, passions and needs. Music lovers can pride themselves on plenty of “en vogue” opportunities to decorate their homes in a charming and trendy fashion. Plus, if you’re a musician, this type of home décor is the perfect way to express your love for music and everything about it. If you want to really put on display your love for music, then follow the decorating tips below.

Start with your walls

You can use different techniques to decorate your walls and express your love for music. Start with a neutral colour on your walls. From ivory to taupe and beige, grey hues and white, sometimes even black if you use it as accents, everything makes a great choice for a music lover’s home. A great idea to use these colours and create a stunning wall art, use light hues of neutral colours and paint over them musical notes. Alternatively, you could use a dark red colour, if you’re on the bolder spectrum, and hang framed music records on the walls. Play with your walls, add music-inspired elements and you will end up integrating your love for music quite successful in the general design of your home.

If you lack the necessary talent that it takes to paint yourself the musical notes on walls, simply invest in musical-themed wallpaper and apply it over your walls. The technique is quite easy and it can be successfully tackled by a kindergarten student.

Find the right furniture

If you only want to hint your passion for music, modern, minimalist furniture will do the trick. However, you have to carefully decorate it with appropriate decorations and music-inspired elements.

If subtlety isn’t your cup of tea, be a tad more obvious with your passion and create decorative shelves for your walls from old guitars, or broken pianos. You will find plenty of online tutorials to get your inspiration from, so don’t hesitate to search for smart and witty wall shelving solutions.

For musicians, these shelving systems can be successfully used to display their medals, award and certificates earned throughout the years.

You can always take it up a notch and create beautiful coffee tables out of old drums, guitars and other old and malfunctioning music gear. And you will also find plenty of tutorials on how to DIY those successfully.

Bring musical patterns into your interior textiles

You can always find rugs, curtains, bedding options and decorative pillows with various music-inspired patterns, so why not use those as a decorative solution that will expose your weakness and passion in the most obvious way? If you can’t find similar elements, you can create a stencil and use it to decorate your curtains and pillows. It works like a charm and it will add extra class to your overall design.

Invest in the right decorations

If you’d rather keep the rest of your interior décor simple and don’t want to crowd it with music-inspired curtains, rugs and furniture, wall art and decorations are a great way to express your passion.

Invest in violin canvas elements, for instance, and hang those above your sofa, invest in framed music instruments patent art. These look incredibly classy and complex and you can easily find framed patents for pianos, guitars, drums and violins quite easily.

A visual compendium of guitars will also make a great choice, considering the fact that you will be able to display your poster in such a manner to give other a better idea on the different types of guitars available out there.

To take it up a notch and create an even better interior design, a rock-on headphone stand will certainly make a great choice. Plus, they offer other advantages as well. While you’ll be able to decorate your home in a specific design that you love with these elements, you can keep your headset safe and tidy. If you dread the constantly tangled earbuds on your desk, these decor elements come in handy to detangle those and keep them like this. Plus, they usually come in a gold-coloured design which offers a nice visual appeal to the rest of your home. Similar stands will also help you remember at all times where your headphones are so you don’t have to search for them for minutes, at times.

An equalizer key holder will give others a simple hint of your passion as soon as they enter your home. This is the best way to keep your keys orderly and always know their exact location as well.

Other elements like cast iron music note wall hooks will allow you to bring some of your passion in other areas of your home, including the bathroom. Simply install those to hang your towels and bathrobes. Not only these elements look incredible, but they also come in handy.

Music notes bookends are a great way to display your passion for music even in your library and on your bookshelves.

If you are the happy owner of numerous CDs and vinyl records, display those in a dedicated showcase. It will constantly remind you of your favourite hits and musical pieces and it will give your guests a better insight into the type of music that you like.

Cupboard handles in music notes make great choices to migrate your love for music even in your kitchen so consider them as an option. Recycled record music bowels certainly make a difference, especially when you serve your guests some delightful home-cooked food in them. A handcrafted guitar serving board makes a great choice if you want to serve your loved ones some impressive appetizers in an unexpected fashion.

There are always impressive ways in which you can translate your love for music into your interior design. Make sure that you choose your decorations wisely so they fit the overall interior design of your home. It makes an enormous difference, plus they will make you feel exponentially better in your own home. 

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