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Nas Hanafi: Criminal Lawyer

Nas Hanafi has appeared in many very notable cases, defending his clients in a broad range of matters. Some examples of Nas Hanafi’s work include the following:




A client had attended upon Nas Hanafi and explained to him that he had been involved in an altercation with security guards outside a popular hotel in downtown Sydney, called “Scruffy Murphies”. The client had assaulted a security guard after the security guard had exhibited threatening behaviour towards the client’s partner. The client unfortunately took matters into his own hands, but was soon overcome by other security guards. The other security guards “made it known” to the client that they were not pleased with his actions. The incident was captured on CCTV.

Thus the question was, could Nasir Hanafi do anything to assist the client? It had become apparent that the client did not have an actual defence to the charge of assault, in that the client did in fact strike the security guard in circumstances where there was no self defence available, and nor was there the defence of protection of another available because the security guard’s threatening behaviour towards the client’s partner occurred at some point in time prior to the client actually striking the security guard.


The client plead guilty, but through persuasive written and oral submissions, Nas Hanafi was able to obtain a result for the client whereby the client simply had to enter a good behaviour bond, which meant that the client only had to make sure that he engaged in no further criminal acts within a 12 month period, after the expiration of which, the client would not have a criminal record. Crucial in oral submission’s was Nas Hanafi tendering to the Court’s the photographs of the client immediately after the altercation showing the poor state of the client’s face as compared to the assault that had taken place on the security guard.


Drink Driving


In this particular scenario the client had been charged with medium range drink driving. This means that the client’s blood alcohol concentration was recorded as being   08-1.49 mL of alcohol in the blood. However, having received the client’s instructions of her drinking through the course of the evening, Nasir Hanafi from Lion Legal put the submission forward that the reading was influenced by mouth alcohol, being the alcohol vapour in one’s mouth immediately after drinking, irrespective of the quantity.  Mouth alcohol was not the same as blood alcohol, with blood alcohol being the actual level of alcohol in one’s system. With the appropriate pharmacological expert evidence, Nas Hanafi was able to establish to the Court that it was in fact mouth alcohol and not blood alcohol causing the mid range reading. In the circumstances, the penalty the client received was one of no conviction being recorded against her, and she was able to retain her licence, which was vital to her as her profession and career involved driving to attend upon her own clients.


Drug Possession


The client had been charged with possession of a prohibited substance, namely cocaine. The client had attended upon a festive dinner with some friends, which culminated in a poorly calculated decision to obtain some cocaine for recreational use. Unfortunately the person from whom they purchased the illicit substance was under police surveillance, and in the action of purchasing the illicit substance, the client was arrested and charged.


Nas Hanafi was successfully able to have the client released on a good behaviour bond with no conviction, based on submissions of the client’s general good character and other aspects of his life.


Nas Hanafi’s Approach to Criminal Matters


Nas Hanafi’s sole aim is to defend and/or to acquit his clients from any charges if possible, and in the absence of the availability of a defence, to minimise any penalty or sentence imposed to the most minimal degree as allowable by law.


His defences are grounded in solid law-based submissions and arguments, but are also often accompanied with a creative viewpoint to try to draw the presiding judicial officer’s attention to alternatives to the usual penalties that might be suffered by defendants in the ordinary course of matters.


Nas Hanafi’s approach to clients is always one of empathy and understanding, yet his manner is also straightforward and not embellished to give any false or higher expectations.  In short, he listens to you and “tells it plain” and offers solutions.


Nas Hanafi is also happy to tailor costings to the clients’ financial circumstances to allow them to have the best defence available to them.


Please feel free to contact Nas Hanafi at Lion Legal on (02) 9223 9055.






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