Noisepad iPad App

Are you a music fan? Do you enjoy smashing parties with tremendous hits? Ever considered being a deejay? If these questions seem tempting you you, check out the Noisepad iPad App! You can use it at throwing parties and doing live performances anytime and anywhere!

The Noisepad iPad App is a complete set of musical instruments and vocals from many artists and producers! In addition to this, you can upload your own favorite samples into this great application. It’s just too easy to fall in love with your iPad, with the Noisepad iPad App on it! All those crazy effects and real time sounds are simply delightful and induce you into a real studio atmosphere. You can create your own concert and have a flawless live performance. This is due to the fact that the Noisepad iPad App has many features, almost expanding your tablet into a live music session.

Some of these features are: amazing sound effects, like delays, crushes, pitches and so on; the possibility to undo an effect; amazing beats and samples incorporated. Moreover, you can adjust your own volume in the Noisepad iPad App and use special effects.

To conclude with, the Noisepad iPad App can be rolled with easiness, for it has a user friendly interface and it also supports a variety of audio files, allowing you to upload your favorite music samples!

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