Non Permanent Hair Color

The radical new look that you can make the fastest is to dye your hair. The color you want in your hair must be in accordance with your personality, have to emphasize the eyes, to match skin color, to be in tone with your style.

Over time it has strengthened the idea that dyed hair in the sun shines more beautiful than natural, and those who use this method of beauty hopes to get a unique color.

In market there are several types of hair dye, non permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair dye. Regarding the differences between hair coloring products, permanent paint contains substances with a higher risk of developing skin allergies or semi-permanent head than the natural product. Each hair persists a certain time period which is stated on the packaging.

Non permanent hair color has the disadvantage that goes fairly easy to wash. Hair is damaged and you cannot use two non permanent hair colors in the same raw. Looking from another point of view this might be an advantage in front of permanent or semi-permanent dye because if the color does not get you right it won’t be long until it is gone.

Non permanent hair color strengthens the hair structure, gives it more shine and enhance color. After about a number of washes the hair will return to original color. With non permanent hair color you can get usually than darker than natural. Another advantage of this product is the color, washed the hair gradually and evenly.

Disadvantages of non permanent hair color:
– Effective only for light hair
– It has the power to open hair color
– When your scalp sweat the color can remain on clothing

Permanent and semi-permanent dyes contain stronger colorants than non permanent hair color, with which you can get the color you want. In principle, the color should be chosen according to the predominant color of hair, and this is best seen in natural light.

– Avoid exposure dyed hair to sunlight because this discolors the hair.
– You can add temporary paint over the permanent, to bring back light to the color until you repaint your hair.
– Do not wash head for 48 hours after painting
– Use only special non permanent hair colors, they restore the damaged hair structure, while maintaining color quality.

Read the instructions carefully before proceeding to dyeing!

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