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Nowadays, more and more people prefer indoor activities because of their lack of free time or because they feel better staying home, on their favorite armchair, sofa or bed. Watching a movie, listening to music or… practicing sports. Yes. Sports. Inside their house. How? Very simple. They practice virtual sports. Any kind of sports. Online basketball is one of them. No matter if it is a video game played on a console or just internet games, gamers love them because of the graphics which make them feel the action as if it was real.

This is also the case of Urban Basketball, one of the many online basketball games, where of course, practice is needed to win, just like in any other sport or game. Inspired by street basketball, one can play in 2 on 2 basketball tournaments all across the USA. You get to play basketball in the asphalt courts of the city. You do not need a pair of new basketball shoes, you do not even need basketball skills, the only thing that you need is to practice if you want to win. You can show off a lot of your moves on the asphalt court: steal the ball, slam dunk, block shots. So, do you think you have what it takes to beat the computer and win the Urban Basketball Championship?

And this is not all the fun. There are online basketball games which provide real big names from this sport, legends who borrow their skin, name and glory, virtual glory of course. Expensive or entirely free, these games keep you sitting on the chair for hours or even days. Why spend physical energy on the field when you can easily use your fingers pressing some buttons?

However, these online basketball games, and in general all these online games may seem tempting, highly tempting as opposed to getting out of the house, out of your comfort zone and do some physical activities, do some real sports, but they are actually a bad influence on our already not so active society. Playing online games instead of moving a little is extremely unhealthy for anyone. Especially, as it has been discovered that standing on the chair for a long period of time eventually can cause death, because this position is not natural at all, as our bodies were not meant to sit for hours, we were meant to be active persons that perform challenging activities such as, hunting in the past.

All in all, what do you say…..shall we test our powers during an online basketball game?

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