OnLive iPad App

Ipad has many features and applications to make this the most valuable and useful tablet even invented. Among many other features, you can find the OnLive Desktop application. Since many people have decided to use their tablet as a laptop or computer, OnLive made it possible the creation of a virtual desktop that will make working with you tablet a piece of cake.

Integrating the usual desktop from Windows and all the the Microsoft Applications, the onlive ipad also provides a free cloud storage of 2 GB, when you register for downloading the application. Including the OnLive Desktop application on your tablet is a very good decision, for it allows you to maximize the use of your iPad. Using an advanced streaming technology, the onlive ipad apps runs all of the Office programs flawless and displays on your screen the rendered video. In fact, this entire application is based on a gaming platform, due to the company’s experience with the Xbox technology.

This development process may encounter some difficulties when running on heavy traffic. It could need some time when loading the apps, but if that’s so, there will surely be added some improvements to it. The OnLive Desktop for your tablet is actually very easy to access and you can test it for yourself, as long as you have an account on OnLive. The registration requires some easy steps to fulfill and it is also free to do. Do some research for your own and tell us your opinion about this new feature implemented for all the iPad tablets.

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