OrganiDoc HD for iPad

Usually, people want to access every single of their files on their iPad, so they carry all the time with them a USB stick or a card. To eliminate this object from your daily package, there has been created the OrganiDoc HD, which is of great use for any iPad. Using the recent technology, OrganiDoc HD is the perfect file management application that will arrange everything in your iPad, providing you the possibility to work with many files of different extensions. Among others, you can work on your Microsoft Office files or web files, just as you do it back home, at your laptop, notebook or desktop. The OrganiDoc HD application for iPad was especially created to provide all the comfort and functionalists a personal computer does. Gadget reviews have mostly praised this app for its utilitarianism as well as its futuristic attitude in a world where a globalization of culture means a globalization of information as well.

Among others, you can store files on your iPad, no matter what their format is, and you can even archive some of them, or extract them if they are zipped. Having a friendly interface, the OrganiDoc HD supports almost any type of files stored on your iPad, a thing which can not be done by another application, so far. Moreover, this amazing application also supports video files, allowing you to watch your favorite movies anytime, without affecting the storage of your iPad.Thus, you can watch recent sports news, weather forecasts or just movies and music clips with much more ease.

It is very useful for students, for they get bored during classes and don’t pay attention to what the professor has to say. Watching movies is a really pleasant activity, during uninteresting school hours. Also, the OrganiDoc HD works for the audio files and photo images. Unsupported files types are automatically converted into mp4 or mp3 file types, allowing you to access them.

OrganiDoc HD has a cute interface with three sidebars that make the navigation easier, having containers for documents, videos and also images. That is why, many files can be categorized into these three containers. Moreover, you can import all of your favorite music directly to your iPad, with the help of this amazing application. Many applications are included in this OrganiDoc HD wonder and you can even drag and drop your items from one container to another, without difficulty or the fear of losing some data.

In addition to this, you can protect your documents and projects with a password, so that no one will have access to them. Also you can use the OrganiDoc HD to connect your iPad to a computer, for a secure file transfer or synchronization. The multi-layered folders have a visible content so that you can find quickly whatever file is that you are looking for. Another advantage is the fact that you can use it as the perfect remote for presentations at business meetings.

To conclude with, the OrganiDoc HD is the perfect package for high performance regarding file management and storing applications. It is available for sale in any iPad point and you can purchase it as the very low 2,99 dollars. Providing qualitative services, it is the missing piece of your iPad puzzle, that will help you do major cleaning and organizing into your gadget.

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