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Parents Day in the United States of America

Parents Day is a celebration dedicated to parents who live in the United States of America, receiving appreciation for their role in their children’s lives. The aim of this day is the promotion of responsible parenting and the recognition of parents who represent positive role models. Furthermore, this day celebrates the special bond of love developed between parents and their children.

Celebrating Parents Day

The date for celebrating Parents Day is the fourth Sunday of July, every year. Activities, proclamations and educational efforts are made in order to recognize, inspire and support the importance of the role of parents in the up-bringing of their children and in order to encourage and raise awareness regarding the role of the parents among citizens, federal, state and local governments, organizations and legislative entities. Parents Day is also promoted by means of photos, paintings, sketches, posters, stickers with people engaged in activate learning activities, and images of flowers, as well.

On Parents Day, people usually send gifts, cards, flowers cakes and food baskets to those who play a significant role as a positive parenthood example in their lives. It is also a celebration when families get together for dinners or lunches. Special honors to parental figures that are considered positive models are realized using church services, local announcements or at local events organized by the community. Although Parents’ Day is celebrated nationally, it is not a public holiday in the United States.

There is a Parents Day Council that has an active role in the promotion and celebration of Parents’ Day by organizing a variety of activities and events. To offer you an example: the award “Parents of the Year” is offered by the council at local, state and national ranks. People who have been chosen or nominated are parents who represent an example of the standard and model of positive parenting. Model parents from each state are further nominated for “National Parents of the Year”.

Background of Parents Day

The role of the parent is highly important in children’s life, in their development as a person. It requires focus, investment and commitment. Parents Day was established in 1994 when Bill Clinton officially approved a resolution adopted by the United States Congress in order to hold on the fourth Sunday of every July. Parents’ Day is a day similar to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. The resolution adopted by the US Congress stated that this day is established so that the role of parents in their children’s is recognized, uplifted and supported.

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