Platinum Blonde Hair

Strands remain in the past. Today, to become fully blonde became a fashion statement. Cold blonde color times turned back. Blondes on stage wearing predominantly platinum blonde hair and gray shades are in vogue this spring.

In Germany, blonde is the most coveted and prized hair color. Blondes and those who are becoming blonde form the majority of salon customers in Germany. Blond hair comes in many different shades, and this offers women endless possibilities to individualize hair color. Strands can be made with skill to create the impression of greater volume and choice of blonde shades may vary from platinum blonde hair to dark blonde. Everything is possible and everything is permitted.

If you want to be fashionable this season you should get inspired from models with very light platinum blonde hair color manes of presenting Balenciaga and Chanel creations on the catwalks around the world. These models are much cooler than those bearing the other favorite fashion color, black. We saw the black-haired models in presentations autumn / winter of Bottega Veneta and Calvin Klein.

Blonde is one of the most popular shades of hair color for 2012, because blond hair is a certain “je ne sais quoi” that enhances sex appeal.

The choices you can make when it comes to hair color are: platinum blonde hair color, golden blonde hair color, vanilla blonde hair color, honey blonde hair color, strawberry blonde and caramel blonde. All these shades of blonde are in fashion in 2012, but make sure you choose the color that matches your skin tone.

If you are a brunette that wants to change radically your look and adopt the fancy platinum blonde hair color you should know that you may have splendid results. The transition from one color to another is today a fairly simple process. However, if you want this process to go 100% right, it is best to follow a few elements. Given the wide variety of products of bleaching hair, many women opt to paint the home, with their best friend.

Get someone to help, especially if you dye your hair for the first time, and your hair is dark brown to black. First, bleaching lotion should be applied in half down over the strands, and then the top. Heat hastens scalp discoloration, and if you start with roots you risk that they may be lighter shade than the rest of the hair. This will avoid the danger that your hair is orange to brown the tops and roots. Another tip: before you wash your hair, check a lock, if color is not desirable, let your hair for 10-15 minutes and then wash it.

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