Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

There are many applications developed for the iPad, because anyone enjoys working with these great gadgets. Those were created for people of all ages, providing both entertainment and effective working features. The Switzerland developers of the famous Plopp game designed for iPhone, have now created a version of it that works on iPad. Released recently, the Plopp HD is surely going to have a greater impact on people. It’s an amazing game for your iPad, providing cool features and an impressive design.

The most attractive thing on Plopp HD is probably represented by the graphics which are absolutely amazing and incomparable with the ones on the iPhone. Having a simple interface, easy to use, it actually makes this game even more fun to play. The palette of colors and the amazing circles numbered that appear on the display of your tablet, simply have a delightful entertaining manner of the Plopp HD. Every time you pass to a different level you will get another background color.

All of the Plopp HD graphics are absolutely amazing and eye – catching, becoming addictive to play this game. There are four different game models to play, that provide a unique strategy of touching circled numbers, that later explode. The idea is to obtain as many points as you can on a level, by touching the white Plopps that have a precise number. They appear in a large number and zoom in towards you, changing their numbers as they grow larger and larger, until they explode. You also have another function which consists in hitting all of the circles on the screen, with a powerful shockwave, that will boost your scores up.

Plopp HD has dazzling chain reactions provided by all those numbers that appear on the screen. It maintains your attention focused on catching every Plopp that appears, due to the fact that they will increase your score. Moreover, Plopp HD has specific music you can customize as you like when you pass another level of this marvelous game. More like a puzzle action, Plopp HD is very appreciated by people of all ages, for it never gets boring, though the entire game is based on the same concept, which is gathering circled numbers to sum up to your total points. The thing that provides Plopp HD a unique gameplay, is the fact that you can play your own music! Selecting some of the songs provided by the game, or choosing your own playlist, you can enjoy smashing numbers with your finger tips. Not to mention the fact that Plopp HD can be found at a very low price of 1, 99 dollars.

All in all, Plopp HD is an amazing game that worth’s acquiring, for you never get bored of interacting with your iPad tablet. Since everyone needs a time off work and stress, you can enjoy a ride into the explosive color themes and rocking music. It’s fun, it’s affordable and it’s really entertaining! Get in from any App Store, right now!

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