Most Popular Online Betting Trends in 2019

We don’t have the exact statistics, but we are sure millions of players participate in online betting daily. If you are eager to know what are the latest trends among them, take a look at the list below!

A Growing Number of Players

More and more players are joining online betting sites every day. The interesting thing to note is that a significant portion of these is women, which seem to be more open to wagering than ever before.

Another obvious trend that we can notice is that the most reliable and reputable platforms attracted and kept the most players in 2019. Players love a safe and trustworthy website, which is why they are sticking with premium bookies.

Analyzing Statistics and News

Although experienced players have always scratched under the surface and looked for information related to the event they want to play, it seems that it is a growing trend in 2019.

Players make sure to keep track of the latest news related to their favorite teams and sports. They try to use the data to their advantage and make an informed decision regarding the bet they are placing.        

Betting on the Go

Using portable devices to bet when you are on the move has been popular for years now. Dedicated mobile software, such as the 1xBet App, allows players to place bets and follow sports events live.

Other platforms use mobile-friendly websites, but there is no doubt that apps are a better option. That is because they come with a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and choosing bets effortless. Additionally, apps are the quickest way of placing wagers when you are not at home.

New Sports and Markets Constantly Added

Not only the bookmakers are expanding their offer, but more and more players are looking to try new sports and markets. When it comes to sports, we can see water polo, billiards, and other less popular markets added to the mix.

The list of available betting options extended beyond sports a long time ago. Players can try their luck in virtual football or basketball, as well as e-sports, which are nothing else than video gaming competitions.

Now that you know about all these latest sports betting trends, why not give them a chance? Feel free to experiment with different bets and strategies until you find one that fits your style completely.

Credit Cards and Cryptocurrency Betting

Players used to avoid entering their credit card details and sensitive financial information on betting websites. Instead, they uploaded limited funds to e-wallets and added money from there. That doesn’t seem to be the case before, which speaks in favor of reputation that bookmakers built among the players.

Betting websites are also adding new payment methods that they support. Although not many platforms offer it at the moment, it seems that cryptocurrency may become a popular payment method in the future. That sounds logical since Bitcoin and other currencies are more valuable every day. However, it will probably take a bit more time (and regulation) for premium operators to add this payment method to their websites.