Practical Ideas for Vintage Design

Your home should be the most welcoming place in the world, especially if you have an intense job which makes you feel tense all day long. In order to recover from the stress you have to face at work, you must relax in a comfortable place that allows you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. That is why we recommend you to opt for a vintage design for your home and garden. You can be confident that this is the type of interior design that offers you the most peaceful sensation.

White is the color that professionals recommend for the most luxurious and beautiful interior design concepts. It maintains a balanced aspect, and it can offer you the possibility to highlight certain areas by using colorful items. White walls and white vintage furniture provide a very calming effect that you wouldn’t be able to obtain by using other colors. If you want to add a romantic touch to your bedroom, or even to your living room, you can opt for wallpapers that future flower patterns. That way you can be confident that you will achieve a sophisticated aspect without making too much effort.

When it comes to the bedroom, start with designing the bed. A big, white hardwood bed should be the focal point in the bedroom. Keep in mind that only the furniture must be vintage, so invest in a new, high quality mattress and comfortable pillows. The best choice are bamboo pillows. Read some bamboo pillows ratings and see which pillows offer the best value. This type of pillows can be quite expensive, but if you read some customer bamboo pillows ratings and reviews, you will see that everybody admits that these pillows have made a huge difference. Once you are done with the bed, focus on decorations. Flower patterns go great with white furniture and they create a calm, soothing atmosphere.

A vintage design can be realized by hanging a chandelier from the middle of the ceiling, and by installing a dresser that you can enhance with a nice vintage mirror. Opting for a cream color or a light shade of pink for your dresser will add a touch of color to your place, and it will highlight the vintage concept that you have decided for.

The entrance hall is the first thing that your guests see when they come visiting you, so you must make sure that you impress them with a unique vintage design. You can use a nice table which you can enhance by placing one decorative vase on each side of it. Furthermore, you can hang paintings or framed pictures above it. In order to obtain an even more beautiful interior design, you can consider colorful pictures of flowers and birds. Moreover, for a bigger impact, we recommend you to paint the frames of the pictures with silver paint, because that way they look more authentic.

Bird houses are always a good idea that you can inspire from in order to highlight your home’s vintage theme. If you don’t think that having birds as pets suits your personality, you can opt for ornamental bird houses that you can decorate with flowers. Placing one flower pot in each one of them will help you create an original design that will make all your friends admire your creativity.

As far as the garden goes, things are a lot easier. Focus on English gardens, use natural elements and let your garden get a life of its own, without restricting it with straight alleys and perfectly cut bushes. Old rusty bikes, river wood logs and rope swings can blend perfectly in a vintage garden.

This are just a few tips that you can apply in order to decorate your home and garden in a vintage style. Don’t forget to also add some personal touches to the overall design. DIY projects usually work great with the vintage design style.

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