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Protect your Health with a Whole House Water Filter System

Water is an element associated with life. It is found everywhere around us. The percentage of water in the human body is about 50-75%. As such, it is no wonder that the quality of the water we come in contact with can severely affect our health. We are not talking only about drinking water, but also about the water that we use for washing ourselves, for cooking or for washing dishes or clothes. Constantly coming in contact with impure water can lead to numerous health problems. Furthermore, since tap water is delivered by municipal institutions, there’s not much we can do in order to affect its quality at a larger level. However, with the use of whole house water purification systems, we can at least make sure that the water, that we as individuals use, is pure.

How impure is our tap water?

The water’s level of purity is different in each region of the world. This level depends on numerous factors such as the local purification process or even the pipes used for delivering water. The best thing to do in order to determine how pure your tap water is, is to do a chemical analysis of it. It is possible for your water to contain numerous toxins but it might also contain only chlorine. Using this analysis, you can determine which is the best whole house water filtration system for your needs, since each water filter is designed in order to trap certain types of contaminants. Therefore, it is essential for a filter to have the necessary properties for filtering the specific contaminants found in your tap water. When researching a whole house water filter system, make sure that it only filters bad contaminants and not the good minerals.

How much of a difference can a whole house water filter make?

If you drink only bottled water or you filter your drinking water, you are somehow protected from water contaminants, but only to a certain degree. You can also come in contact with these contaminants through your skin pores or by inhaling tap water vapors created when the dishwasher is running or when you flush a toilet. As such, a whole house water filter system can make a huge difference. Some people choose to install filters on various of their indoor water sources. However, if you were to do that on all of your water sources, you would end up spending more money than you would normal spend on a whole house filter. Furthermore, you would have to change the filter for each unit individually.

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