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Refrigerator Buying Guide

When it comes to kitchen appliance ideas, the refrigerator is the most complex appliance to consider. Buying a new refrigerator is an important step. Before investing any money in a new appliance, you need to do some extensive research. There are certain major matters which you must consider before buying a refrigerator such as refrigerator characteristics, trusted brands and so on. Furthermore, refrigerators are known for being the most expensive appliances so you must make a lot of price comparisons before buying a new one. Nevertheless, some simple buying guidelines can help you save a lot of money. In this article, we have gathered all the essential refrigerator information in an effort to offer you a complete refrigerator buying guide. We hope that you will find this information useful and that it will help you acquire a fridge that you will use for at least ten years.


Before you buy a new refrigerator, you must establish what characteristics you would like it to have. For starters, you need to measure your available space. Don’t make the mistake of buying a fridge just because its cheap only to later discover that it does not fit in your kitchen and you need to readjust your furniture for it. Needless to say, such a decision would be anything but wise. All people want to own big refrigerators but size is not the only thing that matters. You need to find a balanced fridge which has an efficient space design. It is possible for smaller fridges to be more spacious than bigger models due to the fact that their compartments are better organized. In fact, even if you have a big kitchen, unless you have a very large family, there’s no need to invest in a big refrigerator. After all, the best kitchen appliance ideas are the ones which use compact, space saving appliance. There are better things that you can do with your kitchen space than waste it on a fridge. Energy consumption is another aspect that you need to consider. Don’t let energy ratings fool you but focus only on average energy measurements. Certain refrigerators have Energy Stars and A ratings but that does not mean that they are the most efficient. Energy ratings are awarded according to refrigerator classes. Just because a refrigerator is the most efficient in its class doesn’t mean that it actually uses little energy. Last but not least, a refrigerator’s performance should be measured in terms of temperature control. You should buy a refrigerator with a good temperature control which will keep your food fresh without freezing it.

Most trusted refrigerator brands

The brand is an important chapter in a refrigerator buying guide. Most people are satisfied if they acquire appliances from famous brands. However, you should know that certain appliances are known for excelling in a certain line of appliances. For example, if you own a Samsung dishwasher and a Samsung microwave and they work excellent, that does not mean that all Samsung refrigerators will also work great. Generalizing refrigerator brands is rather hard as most reviews are made on models and nor on brands. Nevertheless, according to a wide variety of reviews made by customers and repair experts, the brand which makes the most durable refrigerators is LG. This brand is also known to produce the best bottom freezers. However LG is also one of the most expensive brands as far as repair costs go and so is Samsung. Whirlpool refrigerators are also believed to be very reliable although it mostly depends on models. You should also know that refrigerator manufacturers are in the habit of collaborating or taking over other brands. For example, Kenmore is a mix of Frigidaire technology while Kitchen Aid and Maytag are mostly produced by Whirlpool. The best thing to do is select a dozen of models which would best suit your needs and real customer reviews on each of those models.

Saving tips

Last but not least, a refrigerator buying guide would not be complete without some saving tips. The latest refrigerator models have a lot of features which are far from being indispensable but they can be very convenient. However, the more features a refrigerator has, the more expensive it is. There are a couple of things that you should know about these extra features. Refrigerators with ice makers experience usually require more repairs than normal refrigerators. As far as the freezer goes, top freezers are less likely to need repairs than bottom freezers. Furthermore, you should also avoid side-by-side refrigerators as they too require constant repairs. However, if you really enjoy this type of design, then start reading as many side by side refrigerator reviews as you can, until you stumble onto something that seems reliable; combine that with some customer reviews, which are usually more straightforward when it comes to defects and disadvantages, and you might just avoid over-spending on something of poor quality. In order to save money, you should also avoid stainless steel finishes as they cost about 200$ more than a normal black and white finish.

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