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Repairing vs. replacing your garage door

What defines the ideal home isn’t just the quality of its interiors or the luxury of its garden. On the contrary, it should be well-kempt down to the smallest details, from the fences and window frames to the floors and the exterior siding. Unfortunately, many people neglect the importance of the garage door, forget to regularly inspect it for damage or they can’t recognize the most common issues that require urgent attention. One of the biggest dilemmas that homeowners seem to face is the one between repairing and replacing garage door. The choice depends on the age of the door, maintenance frequency, the climate in your area and the damage that it sustained over time. Here is a short guide on when a simple repair can do the trick and when you have to invest more money and replace it completely.

In general, superficial damage only requires you to make a small garage door repair. For example, if one panel has a dent in it because of an accident or a scratch, then replacing the entire door is a waste of money, because you can simply replace the damaged part. This might sound odd, but a door that suddenly stops working rarely requires replacement. It usually indicates that there is something wrong with one component. A professional repairman can determine the source of the problem and provide you with the best solution. Another common complaint among home owners is that the door gets heavy. This is a direct consequence of springs losing tension and it only takes a few hours to solve. If you notice a weak spot in one or more panels, then you should definitely call an expert to have a look at it. It might not seem serious, but this is the type of problem that can become very stressful in time and that makes the door less and less secure.


Things can’t always be solved with repairs and there are cases when you have no other option but to replace the entire thing. More often than not, this is the case with doors that went though years and years of daily wear and tear. Dust, rust and water affect them little by little and if you also have the bad habit of postponing maintenance, the day will come when you have to pay for a new garage door. If you’ve just bought a new house and everything from the strains to the panels are old and battered, then it’s probably best if you get rid of it. In addition, aesthetic problems are hard to get rid of through repairs. Oftentimes, they fixing every dent and polishing every old panel costs more than buying a new door, so when you feel that your garage door doesn’t do justice to your house you should just buy a new one. Last, but not least, if the door sustained violent damage as a result of vehicle collision or severe weather, the best course of action would also be to replace it. However, to make sure you spend your money wisely and make the best decision, you should always talk to a professional contractor and have them assess the situation and recommend the best action.



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