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Restaurant Shelving – everything you should know about it


Restaurant managers find difficult to create and maintain an effective storage area, because you have many items to store and limited space. The best option for you would be to purchase heavy duty industrial shelves, because they will take the storage capacity of your restaurant to new heights. On the market, you will find all kinds of shelves, accessories, components and materials, and this makes difficult choosing shelving units for your food unit. In this guide, you will find all the details you need to know, to select the perfect shelves for your commercial kitchen.

Check the material of the shelving units

Material is one of the most important aspects, you have to keep in view, when you purchase shelving units for a restaurant. It is essential to know, if you will store the shelves in a damp environment, ware washing area or walk-in cooler. Also, it is important if the location of your commercial kitchen is close to a salt water. According to the environment, where you are going to place them, you will have to discuss with the provider, to make sure that the shelving units you choose are the right ones. If you need storage units in a heated or dry environment, then you should opt for chrome wire ones. They increase the ventilation and visibility. You should not place them in a humid environment because they are prone to rust. If you want to place the shelves in a humid space, then you should choose the epoxy coated wire ones.

Mobile or stationary shelves?

When purchasing shelves for a restaurant people face this issue. Stationary units cannot be moved, and in a restaurant, you have to create enough space for a person to walk down. So, if you have to install them in a limited space, then you should opt for mobile units, because they can be punched together and create more space, when a person has to access them. But, in the majority of cases, mobile units are more expensive than stationary shelves. Before deciding which type of units you will purchase, you have to think who will work in the room. Mobile shelves require a lot of power to be moved, especially when they are loaded with items and goods, and this makes them a source of risk.

Main shelving issues restaurant managers deal with

It is essential to invest in quality shelves, because you have to be sure that you will not have any issue in the future. The main problem of commercial kitchens is that the shelves they use for storage rust in time. Also, if you do not choose the right type of units you might notice at a certain point that the shelves are bent or warped. In case you will not follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care and maintain the shelves, they will damage in time, and this will affect the functionality of your commercial kitchen. Make sure you do not buy sharp edged shelving units, because your employees might hurt themselves when walking in their proximity.

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