Revlon Hair Color

Charles Revson’s life is, above all, an example of entrepreneurial success. Until his death, Revson fulfilled his dream of transforming his small business with nail varnish in one of the most popular cosmetic companies in the world: Revlon.

Revson invested $ 300 in the company, which initially was specialized in nail polishes, Charles testing products on its own nail. From the beginning, Revlon was detached from the competition by different colors made available to its customers. Revlon products that could be purchased directly from salons or cosmetic stores have become a phenomenon of the ’30s.

The novelty brought by Revlon was the introduction of pigments instead of dyes that were used until then, the company offered-American women a new nail enamel, available in various colors. Most American customers were won over by Revlon products after Charles Revson himself shifted across the entire U.S. state by train trips that have supported strong marketing.

Revlon product line has expanded gradually from modern lipsticks nail varnish to which they matched the colors, and perfumes. In less than six years, Revlon founders brought millions of dollars, knowing a huge success in America.

Today, business billionaire, started about 75 years ago with $ 300, is a recognized brand in over 175 countries around the world for quality cosmetics and fragrance products. Revlon’s success is the best example of ambition and dedication, values underlying the American entrepreneurship.

Revlon offers a wide range of products among which permanent hair color. Revlon comes with a lot of hair color ideas for every woman. You will definitely find your perfect match in terms of hair color into the Revlon hair color catalog.

The Revlon hair color gamma of permanent hair color is divided into two varieties: Revlon Colorsilk and Revlon Colorsilk Luminista.

Revlon Colorsilk hair color tones are: lightest golden brown, black, true auburn, soft black – a little lighter than black, natural blue black which has blue reflections at sunlight, brown/black, deep rich brown, dark mahogany brown, dark soft brown, dark golden brown, medium ash brown, vibrant red, bright auburn, light reddish brown, strawberry blonde, dark ash blonde, dark blonde, medium ash blonde, golden blonde, warm golden blonde, light ash blonde, light blonde, light sun blonde, ultra light sun blonde.

Revlon Colorsilk Luminista hair color tones have more intensity, a lot of reflections and also contain a mango butter formula that leaves your hair shiny and vibrant.

Revlon Hair Color gamma is very large so you have to decide carefully what option suits you most. Remember that the pigment of your hair plays an important part in how the hair color will turn out. Moreover, the way a hair color looks on the picture of the hair dye and how it will look on you differ greatly. There are a lot of factors that you must take into account before you decide to dye your hair. In order to avoid a a bad hair color, visit a website which specializes in hair color ideas and which can provide accurate information on how to dye your hair.

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