Rocking the streets with sneakers – a guide for men

Long gone are the days when people wore sneakers just at the gym. Even if at the beginning they were used as workout shoes, now they have become a must in everyone’s wardrobe. People wear them everywhere, from red carpets, to late night dates and even on the beach. Famous brands create them to offer people the possibility to express themselves with the help of their shoes. Do you have a collection of sneakers but you feel that you do not know how to match them with your clothing items to achieve stylish outfits? Here is the right way to wear sneakers.

Some basic guidelines for wearing sneakers

Men wear different types of sneakers, but it does not matter the model you prefer, there are some guidelines you should follow if you want to achieve a great look.

  1. When you buy a new pair of sneakers, you should make sure that it fits the style of clothes you have in your wardrobe. Men have the tendency to be impulsive when they buy shoes, and they do not think twice. But if you want to impress everyone with your style, then you should make sure that the new pair will match your existing clothes. The purpose is not to buy new clothes, but to wear the ones you have.
  2. Sneakers are some of the most versatile types of shoes, but this does not mean that you can wear them for any occasion. They do not replace the dress shoes, yes, you can wear them with a casual suit, but there are certain occasions and events when it is not appropriate to match them to your outfits. It is better to look overdressed than underdressed.
  3. Your sneakers are great, but make sure they are clean. Shoes wear off in time and you should throw them away if they are damaged. Do you want to make a good impression? Clean and care them. And do not wear them if they have holes.

How to put together a great look?

Start with the classics

Every man has in his wardrobe a pair of classic sneakers, simple, in a colour that matches everything from his closet, as black or white, and with a versatile look. They are perfect to be worn with chinos, denim, shorts, or whatever type of pants you may prefer. But just because they are versatile, it does not mean that you should wear them when you go to a job interview or when it is required for you to wear a dress shoe.

The classic model of sneakers is great for many occasions, but especially for the casual ones. Match the basic pair of sneakers with a printed t-shirt and a blazer if it is cold outside.


clean them to look respectable

 – wear them with skinny or slim jeans

For a refined look, choose a luxury pair

Famous brands have taken the basic sneakers and transformed them into models that make the man who wears them look like a classy and stylish gentleman. They look bulkyier so they can be worn with slim jeans, tailored trousers, and chinos. Depending on the event, you can even pair them with a casual unstructured suiting. It is important to focus on the top when you wear this type of sneakers. It is preferable to opt for polo, basic or smart t-shirts.

If you are heading to an important event, and you want to have a distinct look, then you should pair them with slim pants, a slim shirt and a blazer.


  • Do not wear them with shorts
  • Include a black clothing item in your outfit

Start a revolution with sports sneakers

Lately both men and women brought their sports sneakers on the streets. These pairs of shoes come in bright colours, and even if at the first look they may not look like the right pair of shoes to wear with a suit, they look perfect when you slip them on. It is important to decide what style suits you better, Jordans, 90s, or Pumps, and to buy two or three pairs in different colours.

Sports sneakers can be worn with both tapered and slim denim, basic and printed t-shirts and other types of casual clothing items. If you want to pair them with a summer outfit, then chinos are the right choice for the shoes. Boutique 1 Group recommends wearing them with colour matching clothes.


  • Find the style that suits you and stick to it
  • Roll the pants when it is hot outside

Stay in trend with current sport sneakers

Lately men started to wear a different type of sneakers that are quite difficult to match with clothes. It is important to choose a low profile pair, and not buy the most fashionable pair in the store. They have a runnery and sporty look, and some pairs even look bulky. Wear them with a pair of nude chinos or with a pair of pants that has elastic cuff. This pair is perfect for casual and sporty outfits. If you want to wear denim then you should opt for a pair of slim jeans.


  • Stay away from loose pants
  • Do not do all-white outfits

Designer sneakers for a fashionable man

If your budget is not seriously damaged after you buy a pair of these sneakers, then you should say yes to that pair of designer shoes. If women wear Louboutins, men have a pair of Yeezy in their wardrobe. Actually, Kanye West is the example you should follow if you do not consider too expensive to wear designer sneakers. You can match them with slim denim and open plaid t-shirts.

For a high fashion look, you can wear them the Parisian way, with long and drapery blazers. Do not forget about the pants, they have to be black and fitted when the t-shirt is looser and longer.


  • Wear white, black and nude colours
  • Wear denim pants

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